Bioessence Celebrity Choice

Introducing the new high performance Celebrity’s Choice InchLoss Body Cream Extra Strength-- power packed with 2X* strength and working 2X harder with its 24hrs intense heat sensation to burn stubborn fatty deposits and shed EXTRA inches off targeted areas- flabby arms, tummy, thighs & legs, the easier way of course!

I tried it on and it really works!

Bio Energy Fluid, rich in mineral elements and trace mineral elements, promotes the renewal of skin cells and refines body contours by enhancing the effectiveness of other active ingredients by breaking them into smaller molecules.

Here are some other tips to maintain a healthy and slim body!

1. Eat regular meals.
Skipping meals not only leads to more snacking & bingeing, it also affects your metabolism, so do not skip your breakfast and lunch.

2. Eat slowly & try not to lunch in front of your workstation.
Go out and have lunch together with your colleagues, where you can relax and move around a little. Lunchtime break is also a great time to temporarily take your mind off work and unwind. Chew your food slowly and enjoy what you are eating. The short walk out to lunch contributes to your daily dose of mild exercise too.

3. Squeeze in more activities in a day.
Move around more as every little bit of activity counts: Tackle a few flights of stairs during your lunch break; park at the farthest lot in the car park. Even standing and moving around while you're on the phone helps.

4. Have healthy snacks on hand.
How do you resist those mid-afternoon goodies that your colleagues pass around? Keep nuts, fruits and other healthy snacks near your desk. When you're hungry, snack on them and you'll be less tempted by the other sugar or calorie loaded junk food around you.

5. Drink water.
Feeling hungry and tired? You may just be dehydrated. Keep water on your desk at all times and plan to drink at least 6-8 cups of plain water in a day. P.S. Coffee and sugared drinks don’t count.

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