Lovely Ladies

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Cheryl and Eleanor always make me soooo indecisive choosing what to keep!
on a sinful note : i kept 7 pieces from last sun's shoot :S

i kept this skater skirt in yellow and green! ahhhh^
u'll know why when TDC launch this gorgeous combination in time to come!

Cut out tank tunic! lovely design! pair it with shorts and wedges u still look good!

shoulder cut out tee~ another new affection added to my casual outfits~~
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met up with F at town!

we're both in mint that day! i wore a pretty bareback dress from LP (:

us at Bali Thai! i hav cravings for thai food recently~

then met V at ngee ann city, we had crystal jade for dinner~

wanton noodle~

hot honey lemon~
hate it when period strikes, no cold drinks!


V says i can only post her side profile cos she doesnt have any makeup on~
trust me girls she looks super pretty without makeup *envy*

mint girls~

love my oxford heels! but they arent comfy to walk in..

ending this post with a sexy back!
stay tune girls im having a giveaway post soon!

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