Outing with Xiangyu ^^

I love to curl my hair once in awhile when i feel that i have extra time to doll up (:
quite into these loose wavy look!

got myself prepared and headed out to vivocity to meet Xiangyu~

we had HK cafe for dinner and i was wearing my current favourite Rose Bullet dress~

see this girl, her face is so small~

she can take pics from front view..

while i can only take from side views~ hahaha


toilet camwhore!

Xiangyu's outfit
in my lovely dress!
then it was dessert!

im missing this mochi!
a lovely advertorial gg to be up! im gg to do some giveaways!!


Anonymous said...

omg! that dress is so pretty!! how much did u buy it for?

Junying said...

hello! i bought the dress at $150 (: a lil pricey but its really nice!!