Artica + Cleo Shoot + meetup!

hi everyone! im chosen to be one of Artica Hair Studio ambassadors *whistles*
i haven pay a visit to the salon yet but i have great news to share with u readers! you can now purchase Artica Hair Studio's privilege card at S$90 instead of spending a minimum sum of $250!!

Special privileges for our members
-25% discount on all hair services (excluded from Shampoo & blow dry, Styling and fringe cut services)
-This card is transferable

  • Members (entitled to 25% on hair services)
  • Non-member of the card (entitled to 10% on hair services)
  • This Card is not valid with promotion packages
  • Not valid for hair products

Come and indulge in the prestigous victorian classic ambience,where our dedicated hair stylist provides highly professional hairdressing services yet at afforable price range.

For enquires or appointment, please call Artica Hair Studio at: 68362891

some of u might have seen me in Cleo magazine Aug issue! i had my fringe up for ALL 3 LOOKS in this issue. im surprise i still have people recognising me! -.-

hello! heres my first clean look using cosmetics from MJ!! im not really use to this clean look cos im often slapping on multi eye shadow colours haha~ my mum say i look like those vietnam girls looking for husbands in singapore ~

<!--! sweet feli from MJ busy snapping photos of e shoot (:
choosing photos, and they have to ZOOM IN my face to see the makeup!
2nd look. i look like those rich tai tai which humongous hair whahaah~
smile for the camera!
this is my 3rd shoot with Cleo and my most pleasant shoot (:

MJ products (:

i like this shot. but i still love my bangs~
last look~ HIGH HAIR

ok final 3 looks! haha~
recently i did nails for Jolene from Ohvola (: great meeting her and her sis Lucinda! nice girls to chat with!
3 girls!
met up with amelia and we went to wheelock for skinny pizza.. my first and last time there i think. i don think the pizza is that fanastic. jus that their menu has some unique flavours thats all.

pretty amelia~~

i forgot the name of this drink. it doesnt taste nice anyway *boo*
this pizza isnt filling at all. maybe cos the crust is way too thin. plus the ingredients doesnt stay on the crust so the food was messed up all over the pan.

this dessert is by far the best tasting food there :(

but all in all, nothing beats a great catching up with your gf! (: (:

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