Beauty Scene Investigation!

i was invited to Shiseido to attend their Beauty Scene Investigation!
this is a really interesting concept do scroll down for more pics!

this is samantha introducing us to the event (: i love the decos and the description!
this is to celebrate the products that has "killed" the competition at watsons (:

the foundation victims (:
eyebrow victims.. so who killed them?

death note. haha

ta-dah!! beauty county, crime scene.. lets investigate!
each clue has their own leads~
kanny and i investigating at the crime scene~

so who won the competition? here they are! Majolica Majorca, Aqua Label, Tsubaki and not forgetting ZA!!
ZA concealer!
MJ Mascara!!! *loves*

Aqua Label! i totally heart their moisturizing masks!

pretty kanny dear (:

i look gigantic, ok i am gigantic beside her.

confidential files! haha~

we were brought to this little room to decorate our ZA foundation cases!

little snack

felicia took this. blur but candid. me like (:

done with our cases! next up we headed to Empire State at Iluma for dinner (:
MUA and model demonstrating pretty make up using the winning products (:
then food came!! my mushroom soup.
finger food~~ i must say the food was great! but they came non stop we couldnt finish!!

look at the amount of food on the table!!
kanny and huirong!!
miss this girl. catch up a bit with her before she left to find her love one hehe..

lastly end this post with Felicia (: heehee~

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