i did an outdoor shoot with TDC (:
all items r selling like hotcakes now so grab yr favourite pieces b4 its gone!!

weather was very very hot but im happy we manage to snap some good photos~~

AND THIS!! this is a really nice combi, PLUS it is a reversible top!

i looked at my photoshoot photos and i looked really happy in those photos. but sometimes people don't know the stories behind those photos.
not saying im unhappy. lol. jus facing some other issues right now.

first up will be health, i don have a healthy body to begin with, and i admit i don really take care of my health. jus had an injection few days ago. i have rashes on my arms right now its freaking ugly and i hate it. im gg to my last session of chiropractic treatment tomorrow and to see if i have to pay another $800 for 10 more treatments.
seriously, i hate paying for these medical bills. and i need to go to e dentist cos i have a crooked jaw. ~~ haha surprise.. yes i have a crooked jaw and i need to see a dentist to get some retainers done. $$ flying away. im not sure how many thousands i have to spend to be healthy.

next up, my work. i totally love my work, like i have photoshoots and nails to do. why is there to whine about? this i must really give myself one tight slap on my face. i kind of slack thru my nail business, so recently my business is quite bad, not sure is it bcos of 7th month, but it was never THIS BAD. what i can say is im earning more from shoots than nails recently, this is VERY BAD.

i was so emo till i broke down. mum told me to take a break and maybe upgrade my skills. yes, GEL NAILS. i stop doing gel nails cos i convinced myself i wasnt good at it. and now that it has turn into a trend that EVERYONE must do it. i'll go learn it. its gg to cost me another few thousand dollars. MONEY ISSUES AGAIN. well, money doesnt really bother me as much. even if im broke from all these purchases, i can earn them back. my mum encouraged me to go for it and im doing it (: already found a nail school!

now what? relationships. apparently after surveying around, i gave alot of wrong impression to people. haha im not surprise cos i know i do get judge alot, whether good or bad im fine with it (: seriously, my love life sucks. I have been putting my trust on the WRONG GUYS. they get close to me, gain my trust then dump me. i cant really differentiate who is sincere and who is not. new lessons learnt from each broken relationship, i only have myself to blame for not being good enough. now, im use to gg out with my 2 best friends and their husbands, im use to ordering a single set of food rather than couple set cos i have no one to share with. (:

im not gg to blog about how fabulous my life is nor it is very shitty. but i consider this period a down time.
i jus want someone who really really cares for me. and like saying he misses me before he sleeps and when he wakes up. appreciate for who i am. surprises me with chocolates when im having the time of the month. take me out for a ride when im down. who doesnt mind my rubbish nonsense. appreciate little things i do. and says hey, no matter what happen, im always there for u. <3

oh wait.. i think i might have met that "someone". heh..
jus wanna say thanks for being there.

OMG SUPER CHIO! xiexie ni~~~


audrey said...

are u doing retainers for your crooked jaw? i think i have a crooked jaw too but dont know if i need to get it fixed.

Cheryl said...

Cheer Up Babe. Endure all the pain u have now for a better health n beauty that you will have in the future. Good Business dun last forever. Upgrading n understanding what your customer likes n needs is impt. So like what your mum said, take some course n upgrade yourselve. All of us know JY is the best in nail art. So Cheer up :)

Anonymous said...

can i know whr you got that black pumps?