Artica Hair Studio!!

Hello everyone! Im here to introduce u an awesome hair salon to get your hair done up! thanks to my lovely customer serence who recommended me to be Artica Hair Studio ambassador! and last month i got the privilege to try out their hair services!

i made an appointment with the creative director Juno!
Artica Hair Studio is conveniently located at 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza #04-82 ! 

its been donkey years since i dye my hair! cos im afraid hair dye will dry up my hair as my hair is really dry to begin with, I trust Juno and I chose a lovely brown colour!
also, I will show u the wonders of their latest treatment product!

heres me waiting for the hair dye to be done, and Juno bought me bubble tea :p

 *happy me*

and i had this huge rotating heat ring to make the dye sit in better (:

yay time to wash hair and start with he hair treatment! i strongly recommend girls to have hair treatment done like once a month. if not your hair ends will dry up pretty quickly especially if u dye often! 
Artica Hair Studio brought in this 2 Step hair Napla treatment from JAPAN! *I LOVE NIHON PRODUCTS*

 one thing i have to comment about most hair treatment is, normal hair treatment only treats the outer layer of your hair. How do i know?
Bcos after 1-2 washes, my hair feels dry all over again! its kind of devastating to be spending a bomb on treatments and then u feel that it has no effect right?

but this 2 Step treatment, u can FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!

OK! Step 1 is call Recovery System, this step opens up your hair molecule! depending on how damage your hair is, this cream sits in for about 25mins!

 woots, they will put this steamer to help the treatment work better!
and then proceed on to Step 2 called Wonder Free Pure, this cream adds in moisture and also closes up your hair molecule!!

AND THE MOST IMPORTANT PART IS, this treatment can last 2 weeks to 1 month depending on your hair condition!


my hair still feels smooth now!! :D :D
this hair treatment price ranges from $90 - $140 (:

 *snip snip* i chop off about 2 inches of my hair! :D

 heres a snap of me and Juno!
his haircut skills is very good, especially with BANGS!
im very paranoid with regards to cutting of bangs because i love straight bangs, and not every hairstylist can do it nicely!
Artica Hair Studio cuts THE PERFECT BANGS :D

so girls! now you know where i cut my bangs!
go to Artica Hair Studio at Far East Plaza #04-82 !!

 DONE!! i love the layer Juno done for me!
and heres some camwhoring pics with my spanking new hair colour!
in case u're wondering, my hair colour is 7.32 pure brown (:

Do call Juno 9022 3918 or the salon 6836 2891 for an appointment! u can also visit http://articastudio.blogspot.com for more information! 

lastly, who doesnt love packages? Artica Hair Studio has the following packages!
do take them up for a lovely treat for yrself and save $$ too!
Artica Hair Studio is closed on Mondays! 
Contact Juno 9022 3918 for an appointment now! :D

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