received another photo from my giveaway winners (:
they are such cute babes, all of them are camera shy!

anyways! booked a stall at scape flea market last month! it was my first time renting a stall at a flea market.
it was so fun especially when your friends are with u!

 i was appointed to be the cashier that day so i literally had to jus guard the cash box!

 my clothes rack! the packing and unpacking was quite a hassle cos of those hanging need to be done.

 after the flea ended at around 8pm, stella's bro joined us and we treated him birthday dinner at Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill~
its a restaurant that mainly serve beef (:


 i am not a fan of calamaris, but THESE tasty calamari is simply irresistible!
i popped them in non-stop!

 happy zijuan (:

 this is my cheeseburger together with 3 side dishes that i chose.
one thing about this restaurant is im able to choose my own side dish. but most of them ar potatoes! (i.e fries, mash potato,gratin)


last photo! didnt snap a photo with stella cos she didnt have make up on.

Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill
6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square

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hi..where did u get ur white dress from?