Xyu & Jolene (:

 met Xyu and we had dinner at Everything with Fries at Joo Chiat outlet~

 cannot stand this girl, her face is so small!! the only thing that i can ever yearn for is to have small face like hers!

 look at my happy huge face~ haahah

love choosing fries flavours!

 small face again!

 Xyu's king salmon!

 my tandoori chicken sandwich~
sadly, i still prefer the outlet at Orchard Central where they serve burgers, Xyu's salmon taste nice but my sandwich isnt really nice :(

 then we walked to Parkway Parade to grab share tea!

and can u imagine, we walked to East Coast! in our wedges!
its not wedges thats killing our feet, its our bursting bladder!
we rushed back to this hotel (i forgot the name) and made our way straighttttt to the ladies!

camwhore b4 we end the ladiess night. oh gosh, look at my frizzy hair!
*FRET NOT* i got my hair done at Artica Hair Studio! click on the banner on the right and read my review!

 abt 2 weeks ago, met Xyu and Jolene to Teo Heng! hehe
i never really thought that Jolene can sing chinese songs cos i always think that she is "ang moh"- pai~ heehee

 me and pretty Jolene (:

 group shot! it was fun! hopefully Lucinda can join us the next time!

I jus extracted 4 wisdom teeth earlier this week on Monday, i can say its quite a traumatizing experience for me as i opt for local anesthesia just to save $600. e extraction itself is already $3200!
when the oral surgeon injected the anesthesia, its FREAKING PAINFUL. and he warned me about the drilling vibration and pressure he is gg to exert, i jus told him to go ahead, extract all 4!

while he was drilling the first teeth, I thought "ok, its not that bad" until i can feel a sharp pain as though the drill hit my nerve so my body jerked. the dentist then injected more anesthesia for me so that rest of the 3 extraction was quite smooth.
now its post op day 3, my face is swollen, i haven been taking solid food since monday~
im glad i remove all 4 teeth at once because I am not gg to go thru this surgery again!
totally a torture! gg to remove my stitches next monday, hopefully all goes well! (:

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