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Prints Perfect is a newly set up business that provide a one stop instant printing services!
If you have a special event and don't want to waste money to use the camera just for one event, u can now RENT an instax camera from Prints Perfect!

This is the best solution if you need an instax camera for an important event!
Rental is as low as $7 a day!
*terms and conditions apply*

I feel that capturing moments on film is more captivating than using your digital camera, nowadays we rely too much on our digital camera, and we seldom develop the photos, instax camera prints out your pictures immediately and u can safekeep them for memory purposes (:

 If you would like to print out photos from your digital camera, no worries! Prints Perfect also offers rental of instant printer!
They use Canon Selphy Printer and u can develop photos straight from your memory card without having the need of a laptop!
This service is very suitable for weddings!

 heres a photo of a satisfied event (:

Prints Perfect offers the sale of mini films as well!

they have limited edition films as well!

 I received 4 boxes of films courtesy from Prints Perfect to test out the films!
so stay tune on my blog for the pictures soon! 

I own a white instax camera myself and ITS A REALLY USEFUL CAMERA at any event!
and i have a photo album keeping my pictures taken using instax~
Prints Perfect offer a range of Instax Camera for sale at very reasonable prices (:

This is something new to me and I am quite interested to purchase one myself too! 
Its digital and its inkless! u can develop e photos using photo paper!

Interested?? Head over to Prints Perfect for more information!
Stay tune to my blog for my photos!

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