Feli's wedding :D

 wedding never fails to amaze me~
although preparation can be tough, but the couple work hard for that day (:
prepared and made my way to Grand Copthorne hotel for Feli's wedding! shes our MJ brand manager (sad.. shes leaving e company!)

 pretty Audrey :D

kanny & audrey!! 

 the mist made the backdrop look so MJ-ish!

 this is the scrapbook that her husband made for the proposal!
yes, a handmade scrapbook!!!

 all 3 of us agree that if any guy were to do that, confirm marry him! haha

 SEE!! the background is all their pictures!

 you shld read this~

 he even printscreen their FB, msn chat logs!

 with the pretty bride (:

 the couple!

 our first dish~ i only manage to snap this photo, we were busy indulging the rest of the dishes!

 pretty huirong came a lil later~

 a toast!

then it was camwhore time~ kanny's pro camera had multishot function, we took SO MANY PHOTOS!

time to haolian my pinhole mode.. they love it!

 group pic!

 with Clara!

 love my dress :D its from MDS Collections! i bought it at their retail outlet at PS!

 one last group pic! SMILE!! ^^


Anonymous said...

Hey, where did you get your red romper that youre wearing on November 13, 2011 post, th forth picture from the top?
thanks babe, looking good. :)

Junying said...

its from The Design Closets (:

冰轩 said...
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