Hello people! sorry for missing in action! i was so busy i didnt even have time to on my laptop! earlier this week i went to Artica Hair Studio to get my hair done!

girls make effort to doll up, u should not neglect your hair as well! well treated hair allows you to have added points as a whole!
personally i have curly fringe.......
sadly, yes i do! but i maintain them well!
forgot to snap a photo of them, i'll show u pple when my hair grows out!

i went to see Juno again!
Artica Hair Studio is conveniently located at 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza #04-82 !
take the lift up to 4th level and you'll be able to see it on your right!

getting my fringe rebonded (:
waiting for the chemical to set in before rebonding!

bubble tea again (:

this is after straightening..
i did a hair treatment right after!

Juno's staff applying the treatment for me!

steam steam! i love hair treatments!
show u y later!

not sure y am i laughing about.. haha

yay my bf came!

my new heels :D glittery..

ta-dah!!! fringe problem solved and i have silky smooth hair!

hair treatment should be done at least once a month if you want to maintain your hair, if not your hair will be dry and frizzy!!

Juno and I!
girls find Juno to have your haircut!

my outfit that day ^^

this photo was taken yesterday, about 4 days after my visit to Artica Hair Studio (:
one thing I must emphasize about hair rebonding is, you SHOULD NOT rebond so frequently, about 3 months apart just to touch up your roots..

I have bangs for quite a number of years already, I have my bad experiences for bad rebonding job, eg. fringe will look very dry at the ends like "giam-cai" TOTALLY SUCKS.
not only treatment helps, you must get the right person to do it!

so this is how my hair looks like now (:

see the ends of my hair, its not dry (:
the effect of hair treatment does not last forever, you have to maintain it by doing it at least once a month!
now Artica Hair Studio has a new promotion going on!

YAY to hair serum! i always apply them to protect your hair!
Year end is coming! its time to get your hair done for the new year!!

Contact Juno 9022 3918 for an appointment now! :D
*close on Mondays


Anonymous said...

hi, where are those heels from?

Junying said...

its from New Look (: