half asleep mode

hi everyone! im sooooo busy recently! with work of cos, friends, family and bf~
i didnt even on my laptop for several days! argh! i update more on twitter so please follow me! :D

now is a super peak period for my nail job and im permanently on a half asleep mode, feeling tired all the time! i jus gotta chiong this peak season till CNY next year then I can have a good rest!
speaking of CNY, it falls on 23 Jan next year, tts really early.. so its non stop work for me! meanwhile im semi-retiring frm blogshop shoots! haha not that i don wanna shoot i jus don have time! book me early! (:

Had a little free time now cos my 9am appt customer couldnt make it... im gg back to nap abit! work later at 12pm and 3pm! then gotta rush to Zouk to attend a pageant event! my fren angeline is one of the contestant! drink more water so that i can scream my lungs out to cheer for her later!

happy holidays people!

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