Majolica Majorca Chapter 32: Glass Trick

Time of the year has come again with Majolica Majorca latest Chapter 32: Glass Trick!

In any century, there will be girls who yearn to be Cinderella and find her own Prince Charming and live happily ever after. However, everyone knows this can only happen in fairytales and such fantasy will go off in a puff of smoke like how Cinderella and her pumpkin carriage went back to their original form at the stroke of midnight, leaving only a glass slipper behind for her Prince. Majolica's aim for this Christmas season is to create makeup that will allow you to be a Cinderella forever and make your fairy tale a permanent one with a happy ending!

I receive a lovely hand made invitation from MJ team!

its a lovely hand made invite! a popup castle with a scroll invite to their latest launch! 
the castle reminds me of fairytale stories where princess and prince live happily ever after~

 all dressed up and heads down to Shiseido's office!

 lovely Felicia sharing with us the latest chapter: Glass Trick! and the showcase of the products in this launch!

 not forgetting small bites to fill our growling stomach!

 Cinderella's glass slipper! heh~

 as usual, the young model for MJ looking super gorgeous!
shes is 12 only!!

MJ ambassadors indulging in food and the lovely decorations MJ team prepared for us!
love the vase of glass pearls and beads! it really feels royal!

 pictures time!!!!
with Nadia and Kanny^^

 Geck Geck!

haiii how come all of them have such small face!! ^ENVY^

pretty huirong!

let me introduce the products in this launch!

 Artistic Nail in limited edition Pink!
it contains pearl which shine like glass! u can achieve a beautiful natural colour with just one application!

Retails at $7.10
 Glass Drop Gel Coat! This quick dry top coat is thick and glossy like gel!
and it gives off a shine jus like Cinderella's slippers!

Retails at $14.50

Dress Glove Cream (limited edition)
This hand cream envelops your hand with pearl like sparkles jus like Cinderella wearing gloves (:

It has the sweet and romantic aroma of Majoromantica! Contains raspberry and rose extract to moisturize your skin, the cream absorbs into your skin well and keep skin surface smooth without stickiness!

Retails at $10.50

Honey Pump Gloss Neo (22 Frozen Pink with Pearls & BE133 Milky Beige with pearls)
This lip gloss needs no introduction! it contains royal honey that helps to nourish lips!
one of my favourite lip gloss!

Retails at $12.90

 Lash Beautifying Frame Plus (limited edition blue)
This mascara contains blue pearls, the colour helps to define the white part of the eye and create a moist big eye effect!
It has jet black fibers to help lengthen your lashes by 150% and treats your lashes with vitamin E and macadamia nut oil!

Retails at $25.90

heres what i receive in my press kit!

 the artistic colour and top coat!
ok i swear by this item that the colour is really good and looks even better with the top coat!
im a manicurist! :D

the honey pump gloss neo (:

Lash Beautifying Frame Plus
the colour for this mascara is in a deep blue colour, if you wanna put on some light makeup and didnt want a black colour to overwhelm the outlook, this colour is a good choice!

it contains jet black fibers! 
 yay to hand cream! plus this hand cream contains pearl like sparkles!

 ok my camera couldnt take the exact outlook but u can see glittery pearls on my hands!
and it doesnt feel sticky at all!

Chapter 32: Glass Trick will be available at Watsons stores from 17 November onwards!
and there have a limited edition pack set!
It contains a limited edition mascara and MJ pouch (3 variants)

Xmas is coming! time to shop for gifts!!!

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