Yay New Year Resolution time!!

ok!! fun time! time to paste my resolutions i made last year and review them!

heres what i made in 2011~~

1. Continue my Japanese class - i slapped myself for giving this up, u cannot stop learning languages :(
2. Have a balance lifestyle (i.e meet my frens often rather than meeting once in awhile to "catch up") - i think i did pretty well on that!
3. Hopefully to discover more nail art techniques - hmmm.... i'll rank 3.5/5 for this!
4. Master Gel and excel in both acrylic and gel nails - i signed up for a gel course and got cheated of my money. thus gel is still my "enemy". but at least i excel in acrylic :D
5. Open another savings account - no i didnt!!
6. Maintain my insurance policy plans - yup i did!
7. More hotel stayovers - i had none :(
8. Learn to pamper myself- shall rank 3/5 for this
9. To be able to travel more - yup i went to india, HK and KL in 2011~
10. Achieve the certificate which I've been dreaming of - i realise its not something i REALLY want.
11. Meet my Mr Right - i did (:
12. To be able to stay attach to the same guy and I review my resolutions next year - yayy ^^ 


ok! make new ones!

1. Better financial management
2. Change hairstyle
3. To travel at least twice
4. Have a new business enterprise with my friends
5. More storage space
6. A stable relationship with my boyfriend
7. To have determination in whatever i decided to do
8. Save $10k
9. Maintain my slim body (Join dance class or exercise more often)
10. Driving license!

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