Majolica Majorca Chapter 33: Lash King

 Hello people! I'm very excited to share with u MJ's new launch of Chapter 33: Lash King!
Heres what I receive for my press invite:

Unfortunately I couldn't make it for the event as I was in the midst of my peak period for work. Nevertheless, I met up with Charmain and she shared with me the new products for this chapter!
She blushes her cheeks with shame
Her lips are as red as ripen fruit
The way she looks at others with breathtakingly big eyes.

She knows the trick to get them crazy and make them fall in love.

yes, she is the protean joker
who has all the wild cards of love~

 Here are the new products for this chapter!!

 New addition to MJ's fragrance!
Majoromantica J!!

This floral and oriental fragrance brings out a girls dual personality!

 and to make this fragrance extra special, close cap tightly and shake the bottle lightly,
you'll see pearly glitter magic fluttering in the bottle!

Majoromantica J is a limited edition item, retails at $25.90!

Blood On (Limited Edition)
This is a cheek and lip tint!

This can be use as a base before applying cheek, lip or gloss to achieve a radiant reddish glow! 

New paste-type texture and it blends well into skin without feeling sticky!
take an appropriate amount and apply on cheeks or lips with a patting motion!

 This is my new favourite must have!
I applied it on my cheek and lips, it doesnt feel sticky after applying. and it lasts throughout the day!
U can achieve red lips if u apply more and it can achieve a half matte texture (: 

Blood On retails at $17.50 (:

Lash King!
 adore the packaging, its like the mascara is sitting on a throne (:

whats so unique about this mascara is that it contains 5mm super long fibers!
it contains volume up powder and volume impact wax which attach onto lashes, it also contains speedy dry oil which maintain long lasting curls!

 can u see the fibers?
Lash King also has the new acrobat catch brush which has 2 way spiral comb that emphasize on middle lash while separating side lashes.


 Lash King retails at $25.90 (:

All products will be available in Watsons from 2 February onwards!

MJ Poker cards!
Heres an exciting giveaway! 

Go to MJ's FB page for more information and stand a chance to win Chapter 33 press kit! 


Anonymous said...

Love the contact lenses! Care to share where its from?

Junying said...

hello! i bought it from hong kong! (:

Anonymous said...

Oh well =(..it looks lovely on you though!!

Thanks for sharing anyway =)