SIM UOL Pageant

 I attend UOL Pageant finals at Zouk in dec to give support to my friend Angeline (:

 they are my poly dance friends and the few of us are superb at screaming. haha~

 our tickets and lucky number for their draw. top prize is an iPad 2 but turns out the "chosen" ones gotta play games before winning it. (including drinking beer)

 my sleepy boy.

 my sexy friend and her sexy partner. all of us like this guy but sadly he didnt win anything!!

Her question was if the world is going to end where will u be and why.
My friend answered "Zouk, bcos my family and friends are here and I want to spend the last moment with them"
*thumbs up*

I always have phobia about this Q&A stuff bcos u really gotta react fast and think of a winning answer. not easy and stressful! If its me I think I'll end up spouting nonsensical stuffs!

 other contestants in their evening wear.

 gorgeous angeline in her lilac gown.

 i super love this pic! they are not a couple btw!

 this girl is the winner.. shes pretty!

 anxiously waiting for the announcement of titles!

 my friend won Miss Personality award!! yayyyyy~~~

After the pageant my boy and I sped to town to catch Puss In Boots!  
oh ya! we won zouk passes! haha *lucky*

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