Hair problems?

 About a week before my taiwan trip i was thinking if i shld pack my hair straightener in my luggage because my hair ends is starting to get frizzy, but i thought "i shouldnt be wasting time dolling up my hair, i shld be making full use of the time there!"

So I made an appointment with Juno to save my frizzy hair!
Artica Hair Studio is conveniently located at 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza #04-82 !
u just take the lift up to 4th level and you'll be able to see it on your right!

 I haven't rebond my hair for more than a year, its time :D
 Juno did treatment before rebonding to protect my hair from turning more dry after rebonding.

as usual the waiting can be boring but pretty hair is worth the wait (:

this is how my hair looks after straightening and conditioning!!

my fringe is really long!
as its still really straight after rebonding, I'll have it trimmed after im back!

 ta-dah! done! straight non frizzy hair! me <3

 im seeing Juno again next week to trim my hair!

to make an appointment SMS/Call Juno at 9022 3918
*closed on Mondays

i have pretty hair in taiwan!! :D
more posts on my taiwan trip soon!


Anonymous said...

I love your blue v neck long sleeves top!! Please share where I can get it!! please please puleaseee

Jerene said...

Hi Junying! What is your current weight? Thanks <:

Junying said...

anon- hello! i bought it at a flea market!!

Jerene - im 48kg! :D

Anonymous said...

How much do they charge on rebonding for your hair length?