I love Casio Exilim TR150!!

Remember i mention about Casio Exilim TR150 earlier? Read here if you haven't!
I was proudly sponsored a TR150 (thank u OMY!)  and i spent the last few weeks trying the the awesome features this camera posses!

This camera is only 14.9millimetres and weighs 155g! (almost same as an iphone 4!). it has a thick with flexible frame of 360 degrees and flexible lens of 270 degree!
so now u can enjoy taking self-portrait without having the gauge the frame yourself!! <3

 Comes in 3 wonderful colours!

 This is how the camera looks when i extend the frame out for taking self shots! 
one of my favourite function is the Motion Sensor mode. you know if you have to take group shots, do you find it a hassle to keep going back to your camera and put on self timer?
I do.

so for motion censor, all your have to do is.................

yes! the camera will detect a motion movement and it will automatically have a 2-sec self timer before snapping a shot!
oh, theres my dad fascinated by this function! more of that later :D

spam photos of me and my dog (:
this camera has 12.1 megapixels! the higher the pixels, the sharper the image!

went for buffet with my friends and heres a collage of Zijuan playing with the Motion Sensor mode! 

 the waiter offered to help us take a group photo, we say no need! cos we have an awesome camera that can do it for us!!
because TR150 has a wide angle lens (almost similar to a DSLR already!!) that can hold all seven of us within one frame!

i attended a fashion show at Raffles City with Clara ~
and i shared the camera functions with her!

ahhHH!! u must be wondering how come our skin become sooooo smooth?
because TR150 has an incredible Make-up mode of up to 12 levels!!! 
im stuck with this camera because it take really gorgeous self portrait shots!

it makes my face looks smoother, perfecter and brighter (compare to any other camera)
see for yourself!

a night out with my bf (:

 we went to Jim Thompson for thai food (they serve really tasty thai food! its at dempsey!)

i must say TR150's night scene mode is good! 

it was our 6 months anniversary, i called up the restaurant and ask if they can surprise my bf with a cake or dessert with wordings on it, but all they could offer was a plate of fruits with a candle on top..
haha well its the thought that counts right :p

happy boy (:

more pictures taken using Make-up Mode!

we certainly look more chio and handsome! :D

met Xyu for dinner and i used Make-up mode + Motion Sensor for these shots! cool ya? can combine!!

 hahaha got a #failshot !

eileen and i! she got HUGE EYES!!
we went to Marmalade Pantry for lunch :D

Just last weekend i had a flea market stall at Scape! 

 me and trina!

have you heard of High Dynamic Range (HDR in short)?
this is where the camera capture a few images, and merge them into a perfect image.
its useful for scenery photos as you want to capture the colours nicely! 

this picture is captured using HDR mode (:
u can see the colours of the clothings and people looking more radiant!

Exilim TR150 also has a HDR-Art mode where it creates a dynamic photographic effect!
there are 3 levels for u to choose from!

this is created using HDR- Art Level 2. 

this is created using HDR-Art level 3. u can see the colours are more obvious!

*grabbed this photo for a better understanding*

FINALLY!! another favourite feature from this camera! 
Picture on Picture (P.O.P) and Framces DIY! u can decorate the photo on the spot using another picture!

Yes jus like neoprint!! there is a stylus included in the package so u can easily edit your photos on the spot!

i decorated some photos!

you can also capture an image and "cut" out your desire background/frame and insert your photo in it!

If you want to know more about the functions and systems of the camera, u can view it here
I hope u guys are wow-ed by the functions i've introduced and love this camera as much as i do!! <3 <3


Anonymous said...

Does this camera has flash? If otherwise how can i take pic in the night time, let's say an exterior venue which doesn't offer any lighting?

Anonymous said...

hello dear!

how much is it?
you are using panasonic TZ7 previously right? how would you compare to it?
please advise! would love to get one that is better then it.

Junying said...

hello! heres e reply from Casio officials!

anon 1: This camera does not have a normal flash like other compact cameras due to the slim profile of the camera. However, if the subject that you are shooting is within a short distance (eg. 1m), you can actually use the LED light which can be activated under Menu. If you are taking portrait shots, you can actually use Premium Auto, HDR or High Speed Night Scene (found under Best Shot).

anon 2: The Suggested Retail Price of TR150 is $449. Due to limited supply of stocks, all the stocks in Singapore are already sold out. However, there will be another batch of stocks due to arrive in the second half of May.

Casio's suggestion to interested customers is to reserve their sets at Best Denki Vivo or Ngee Ann but due to the long waiting list, customers may not get their sets until 2 – 3 months later. If your readers are keen on reserving, please advise them to be patient as Casio is trying their best to bring in more stocks for this model. =)

Anonymous said...

can i know where you buy this camera? which place in singapore? how much is it? i've been finding this camera in several places. but they didn't sell this? thank you =]