last day in taiwan!

i highly recommend this restaurant if u visit taiwan!! they serve the best (IMO) teppanyaki!!
heres their website u can take a look http://www.chamonix.com.tw/

and u really have to make reservation becos they are always fully booked~ i went for their lunch, it was NT980++ per pax. their menu is quite standard but they have a variety of choices for u to choose from!

lovely setting~ by 12pm this place was full!

this garlic is recommended by the chef to be taken with red meat.

 this is our first dish.. salmon and fruits.
the egg yolk looking thing is actually mango! it "burst" and melt in your mouth!
i don take salmon and the staff gave me another mango! hahaha

 our soup!

 the chef is really good. and he asked if we are sharing the main dish, he can portion the food for us!

 our appetizer!

i was drooling upon seeing this cheese marinated prawn! but its not mine!! :( 

 lime sorbet given before main dish (:

we ordered duck breast (:
the chef will ask if the meat is ok... if we want it more cooked or we have any opinion we can tell him (:

 pork! for this dish the chef presented it in 3 different cooking methods. he steam, grill and fry it. (if i didnt remember wrongly)
actually the food portion is quite big, both of us were bloated.

 still got rice!!!

after that we were escort to another dining area where our dessert and drinks are served.

then we went back to hotel and get dress before another round of shopping.

my bf love the hair salon there, he kept praising their hairstyling skills!

台妹! it was quite cold but i bear through it! knee high socks! u can never wear them here :(

 bf wanted to try this.....

 and it taste like shit! hahahah... i didnt try but i didnt like the smell of it either. cant imagine this thing in my mouth ewww....

anyway we went to My J Restaurant!
it is owned by Jay Chou.

 the food and the service was average... well its a nice place if u r a fan of him (:

 his movie posters (:

portrait drawings of his friends (:

 i love this betty boop!

we ended the day at LAVA club and Room 18.. yes  we club hop as both places were beside each other (:
i would say that LAVA (NT700 for guys and NT400 for ladies, FREE FLOW DRINKS. yes alcohol) is much better than Room 18 (NT700 for guys and free for ladies as it was ladies night) as it was filled with older people, and it was not even half filled. 

our luggage were a little overweight but phew... made it thru!!
tts all for my taiwan trip!! :D

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