Cheese Clique

 met up with Eileen for catch up and KTV session last week! one of the rare good hair days. lol my fringe is getting longer and i desperately need a trim! off to Artica soon!

some snapshots of eileen and i playing with my Casio camera motion shutter mode. god i love this mode to bits!
no need manual self time and aim like mad!

had lunch at Tampopo for the first time. their katsu is really nice!! 

my outfit that day. Tricia Hi-Lo Floral top in blue from CHEESE CLIQUE!!
i love the prints of this top and i pair it with shorts and heels!

Cheese Clique had just launch their latest collection! heres some of my favourite pieces (:

Theres more choices at CHEESE CLIQUE (:
Quote "Junying" and receive $1 off purchase!

"Like" their FB page for free normal postage HERE!!

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