met up with stella and zijuan for some Hotpot Culture.
the last time i stepped into that place was about 4 yrs ago i guess. its at marina square where each of u will have a mini hotpot to cook your own food.
theres quite a variety of soup base for u to choose from so u can share with your friends!

 my 2 lovely girls. both happily married (:
sometimes i feel very out of topic when they talk about housing, furnitures etc.

a family dinner to celebrate my dad's birthday as well as mother's day with my family.
there are so many events going on almost every weekend, my bf is complaining that we don have time together! 

him working while i wait~

my mum look super happy. hahaha

lady boss of that organic food restaurant.

ending off this post with my bro's face. he says the best part of this dinner was the cake =x oops!

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