Enavose: Cellogist Youth Guard Cream!

Hi people! All of us wants beautiful skin and im going to introduce an up and coming premium beauty brand in SG!

Enavose! they are commited to being eco-friendly and natural.
They also won numerous awards! 

 Let me introduce you their star products (:

 I'm proudly sponsored their Cellogist Youth Guard Cream!! :D
Congrats to their winnings as well!

So whats so unique about this cream? This product features:

- Cell Senescence InterveneTec (CS-IT) grants enduring skin youth from deep within
- this cream will form a bolster on your skin and fight against stress that are responsible for premature ageing!
- CS-IT is powered by TeloMax, a superb age defence active that delves into skin's core

Look at what Cellogist Youth Guard Cream does to woman of every age! 

Ta-dah!! love the attractive packaging! 

Now i know the secret formula for lasting youth! :p

Let me share the 8 youth benefits from this cream:
1. Help reduce wrinkles and fine lines
2. Helps improve skin collagen density and elasticity
3. Helps reduce sun and age spots
4. Helps increase epidermal moisture level
5. Boost radiance and glow
6. Refines pore appearance
7. Softens and smoothes skin texture
8. Strengthens skin resistance and defence to external pollutants

think u jus need this cream for your skincare routine!
so how do you use it?

jus apply evenly on your face every day and night after cleansing!! :D
easy right! 

jus pump out Cellogist Youth Guard Cream.
for me abt 1 pump is enough for my face, this cream contains lots of benefits and too much will be too rich for your skin.

apply evenly on your face!

ta-dah!! i've done my part maintaining my skin daily!

Enavose is a premium beauty brand! Up to 70% of what we put onto our skin is absorb into our blood system, hence, their products is free from harmful chemicals! 

Personal Review: 
I applied it before I sleep, the cream has a rich texture so a thin layer is enough (: I massage my face in circular motions for about 2-3minutes to feed my skin. I feel that my face feels baby soft almost immediately! As I have T-zone skin, when i wake up. my nose area tend to be more oily, but no complains because I know its good for my skin! Also, i recommend applying the cream to dry areas like your neck as well! (:

If you have oily or acne skin, this product might be too rich for your skin!
if you have any queries, feel free to drop by Enavose shop front! 

Suntec City Mall Tower 3, #02-079/081

Mother's Day special promotion!

Delight mum with the Blissfully Youthful Gift Set!
Includes a box of Cellogist Ultravital Youth Capsules and any Cellogist skincare item of your choice packed in a gift bag for just $208 only!

*promotion only valid at Suntec City Store

Beauty Counter at TANGS, Vivocity Beauty Hall.

You can also shop online at http://www.enavose.com 

Mother’s Day Lucky Draw! (3 May – 11 May 2012)
Enavose is treating a lucky mother and daughter pair to a pampering day out! Spend some quality time with mum over a relaxing spa session at The Ultimate Spa @ Pacific Plaza, followed by a luxurious high tea session at Goodwood Park. Receive complimentary Enavose products and vouchers from us too!
Total value of the prize is worth $380.

Simply spend $100 to qualify for one chance in the lucky draw. Multiple entries allowed, with accompanying purchase of min $100. Results will be revealed on 11 May, 2012. Winners are allowed to pick one date within the month of May for their spa and high tea session. They are only allowed to bring their mum / daughter to redeem the prize.

Don't wait till your wrinkles show up by then its too late to reverse them! Start your anti-ageing skincare now! (:

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