Mother's day dinner + Epicfas!

 I had an advance mother's day dinner with my family and my relatives. We went to a restaurant near Kitchener Rd.. we go there every may to celebrate mother's day and my grandpa's birthday when he is still around.

 loverboy came with me as well (:

thats my brother an my parents!

sisters <3

i love cereal prawns!

this is the 招牌菜!

my cousin brought along boxes of ice cream!  

my brother is getting old.. hahhahh he is finally getting married in oct!


 im proudly sponsored accessories from EpicFas! let me show u their chio accessories!

i love bracelets with lotsa charms! 

pairing this necklace with a simple top is jus enough for the outfit to pop.

they have vintage style necklaces too!

 i remember seeing this necklace selling at at least $16 outside, trust me, u can get this at a fraction of the price!!

i got this as well! waiting for its arrival!

take a look at EPICFAS for more designs! there are too many for me to load!
Quote "JUNYING" at discount voucher for free normal postage!


~Pinkie~ said...

Hi there~ just wanna say u are very pretty~ u and ur sister have perfect skin~ hehe.. so fair~ i enjoy reading ur blog~~ ^_^

Junying said...

hi babe (: thanks for yr comment! its actually my camera it has beauty mode thus i look like i have good skin! (:

Anonymous said...

hi! when are u going to pick up the winner? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I would like to ask if the quality of the necklace from epicfas is good? Interested in getting it but I didnt buy from them before so would like to know how the quality is like. Thanks!

Junying said...

Hello! Quality to me as long as it can be worn for like 10 times it's good enough for me! :)