MJ Chapter 34: Psychedelicious

 *blow whistles* Majolica Majorca is launching Chapter 34: Psychedelicious !!
but! before I share with you peeps about the press event, let me show u MJ Evangelist event that was held in HK!

Huirong was chosen to represent Singapore to attend this grand event! Heres some pictures of the event!
its like a harry potter setting i really loved it! and thumbs up to Huirong for doing presentation in front of so many people!

That guy is the headmaster of MJ! Hidetaka Shimuzi! 

Majolica Majorca is a spell charm that could transform every girl in an instant into a breathtaking beauty (:
Since 2003, MJ has left foot prints across asia! 

drooling over the products?
they are part of Chapter 34! i'll introduce them in my next post! 

 I received a kaleidoscope from MJ! its a press invite to Chapter 34 launch at Fullhouse cafe!
i heard many raves about that place and im finally getting a chance to go there (:

Chapter 34: Psychedelicious is all about summer! think neon and bright colours!
Play around with colours by colouring eyebrows and lashes to match your hair. Refreshing lips are created by applying a touch of vivid colour!

MJ will make all dreams come true this summer!

as usual, the decorations on the table was amazing and Charmian did a lovely presentation introducing us the latest products!! *screams love*

there are 7 new products in this chapter! 


 with the lovely Audrey (:

MJ model had afro hairdo and bright summer colours on her eyes and cheeks! its all about pop this summer! 

adore the setting of Fullhouse cafe (: i absolutely have a thing for victorian style. and they have different rooms too! just like a house! 

next up, a demo on how to achieve that summer pop look!

new intern, Mildred!! shes very petite i feel like a giant beside her. 

with huirong! she snipped off her long hair!


while we were indulging the delicious food by Fullhouse.
Suddenly out came 2 girls with afro wigs!! and they were giving out candies!! 

suddenly all MJ people puts on the wig hahahah!! group shot time!

tasty sandwich!! 

heres the map for fullhouse cafe! its really like a house right? it has study room somemore! 


Introducing you all 7 items from Chapter 34 launch!
Recall that I ever mentioned that Summer is all about colours that pop?

 Lets start off with the 2 new shades of nail polish!

These 2 lovely shades are namely 7 initial move, a shade of pink and Tempted by an impulse, a beautiful jade colour!
I love how this nail enamel is quick dry, and it gives me a vivid, pop of candy colour to brighten up my day!
Both retails for $7.10 each.(:

Now, lets look at the Brow & Lash Colorist.

 BR555 Maroon Brown
BR333 Vanilla Brown

This is an entirely new product launched by MJ - Brow and Lash Colourist!
Girls with brown hair, it’s time to match your brows and lashes to your hair colour! 

This amazing product can be used both as a brow colorist or a mascara. So, coat your brows and lashes with it to match your hair colour. Best part, it’s waterproof and resistant to sweat and sebum!(:

To use as a brow colorist, begin from roots and motion towards the tip. 
If you are filling in your brows with pencil or powder, use this product last.(: 

To use as mascara, coat your lashes in a zig zag motion, working from the base to tip of your lashes.

I find that after using this, the brow colour becomes the perfect colour and I love the design of the brush as it doesn't clump my lashes or brows! 

The Brow and Lash Colourist retails at $19.90 each.

 Cream Pencil Liner in BR677 Coca Brown
This eyeliner has a creamy texture that glides on like a dream and I’m glad it’s waterproof as well! I feel that this shade is subtle, yet beautiful. I used it on my waterline and it stayed put for hours! This lovely eyeliner contains contains gold pearl particles which helps me achieve a soft and sophisticated look. (:
Retails at $14.50 (:
Retails at $14.50 (:

 Honey Plump Gloss Neo in RS456 Cowberry Jam. (Retails at 12.90)

This limited edition baby is a rich lip gloss that is brims with moisture and gives me a honey-like, glossy finish! I love how the formulation contains Royal Honey EX, which helps me to achieve dewy-looking lips. 

Don't be fooled by this bold pink colour. It definitely looks more subtle after application! im a HUGE fan of dewy lips so a thin layer of honey plump gloss is good enough!


See how the pink isn't that harsh after application? (: 

Can’t say enough about how much I love this gloss!

 Lash King in Brown

Lash King! U must have heard of the Lash King in Black. You are bound to love this mascara because with it, you can now achieve long, mega thick, maximum volume lashes!!

I've mentioned before in Chapter 33 , Lash King contains 5mm super long fiber! 
Lash King makes my lashes glossy, keeps my lashes dark in just one stroke!


Check out the long fibers!
Always wanted brown long lashes? Now you can with Lash King in brown (BR666)!(:

Retails at $25.90

Puff De Cheek in Raspberry Macaroon (PK415) and Cherry Macaroon (RD414) !!
I’m so thrilled to hear that these 2 will be permanently on MJ shelves! Yayness!

See how cute the puff is? Now I can easily achieve round soft cheeks!
What I love about these blushers is that it can last a whole day without any touch ups! Moreover, it contains macadamia nut oil which is good for your skin! 

For fair skin, both shades are very suitable. If your skintone is darker, I definitely recommend the shade, cherry macaroon for you! (:

Puff De Cheeks retails at $22.90.
its very worth it since each one can last really long!

Popping shower powder! (LIMITED EDITION, $25.90)

I'm super excited to share this product! 
Beat the insane summer heat with this product. This powder really gives u an immediate silky smooth skin upon application with its sebum catching powder. ! Not kidding! I experienced it myself. A major plus is that this powder is clear white, so it won’t affect your skin tone!

My favourite part of this product is this powder contains sparkly pearl powder! Yes, bling bling! I love it and plus, it contains sweet romantic fragrance of Majoromantica F!!! 

Don’t worry about drying your skin out as the Popping Shower Powder contains rosehip oil which moisturizes your skin instead!

Don’t forget to dry yourself or wipe off those sweat before usage! You won't want to apply the powder wet as the powder will solidify when it comes into contact with water! 

 First, take an appropriate amount and begin applying on both your hands and legs!
You can also sprinkle over your stockings to keep legs dry and smooth!

Popping Shower Powder retails at $25.90
Grab all limited edition products before its sold out, babes!! I’m definitely going to get mine too! 

Now, for something exciting - CHAPTER 34 GIVEAWAY!! 

Here’s small giveaway by MJ for you! Simply click the link here to answer some simple questions. Don’t forget to like the Majolica Majorca Singapore Facebook page to double your chances of winning an exclusive press kit! 
Contest ends on 1 July and winner will be announce at Majolica Majorca FB page! 

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