Cousin's Wedding!

June was a really busy month for me and i've got no time for shopping! also it was my cousin's wedding and i ought to shop for some good stuff online!

and i manage to get myself hooked to ZALORA SINGAPORE!
recently im a fan of platform and chunky heels, manage to grab some good deals at their website (:

The webbie is very well organised so I just have to click into their Platform Shoes page and i can view all the favourite platforms on sale! (:

 I'm eyeing on this McQueen heels at only $55.60 after 60% discount and they do free shipping to SG!
U can receive your products within 48 hours upon ordering! There are lots of other design to drool over^^

i've got a busy lifestyle and shopping online is really convenient for people like me! (:
also! as u know i do nails full time from home, i have lots of brides who come to doll up their nails for that special day (: through my years of working i've gain knowledge of preparing for a customary wedding and searching for wedding shoes is real pain!

fret not cos i've found that Zalora has their Bridal Shoes collection!
Really a useful link that most brides-to-be want to see! U can view an array of their bridal shoes collection!
no more killing your legs and hunt down that perfect pair of shoes! Its just a click away!

attend my cousin's wedding at Marriott hotel! 

kinda blur pic.

my cousin and his wife (:

with my mum and sis~

 :D :D


Anonymous said...

Need not accept this comment...

I hope that if you did jaw surgery you would admit it when friends ask you... We all knew u did it but don't know why you chose to lie to us. we feel quite hurt that you don't even treat us as friends to trust and tell us. It is really fine to admit to plastic surgery. For yours it is very obvious so we know you confirm did lie to us. I just hope you won't lie to your friends anymore.

-model friend of yours

Junying said...

model friend of mine-

Hi there, I don't know why u want to leave such a comment without leaving your name, clearly I must have done something and now you are bearing some kind of grudges against me. And apparently, u mention "we all", so i assume theres a group if you guessing if i have done plastic surgery.

If i were to delete this off this comment or don't reply u, its understandable that i have something to hide. Now that u receive my reply, I have to say that I hate to be wrongfully accused, I shall make myself clear, I DID NOT DO PLASTIC SURGERY. That is if, you all, have the same understanding of what surgery means to u.

If you have any doubts of what i did to my face, u can just approach me and ask me, if u are really someone I know.

Please do not spread unnecessary rumours like that, i guess u wouldn't want anonymous people to make untrue comments about u too right?

If you want to point fingers at me, please provide with proof. I did not go overseas or disappear from modeling/blogging scene.
or if u feel that leaving down comments on my blog can make u feel better by insulting me in this way, without leaving your name. Com'on, I guess you have better things to do :)

Unless you are not even a friend of mine and trying to dig some answers by leaving foolish comments here.


Anonymous said...

Well apparently you're not a friends of her? Cause if you really are, you would ask her privately instead accusing her of something she nv did and don't even dare to say your name?

Well as a friend, I believe she didn't do any jaw surgery. I mean I've even told her, just take it as a compliment people think you did a jaw surgery as i assume it means she looks better now.

Also, I believe whoever knows jun Ying knows she's a damn straight forward person. If she really did a jaw surgery she would have confess and maybe Ren share where she did it la. that's who she is.

So it's up to you all to decide whether to believe her or not. But I'm on her side believing she never do any surgery.

Jia you Jun Ying!

Grace! XoXo

Anonymous said...

Everyone gets old one day... No matter how much plastic surgery is done.

I am sure blogger is sensible and will not be addicted to plastic surgery like some other bloggers in SG. Because the worry is, once you do it once, you want to do it again.

Nobody can escape from old age. Once you have a good boyfriend, money should be saved for more useful things like investments in property and family!

Not saying the blogger did PS, but just a note to all...