KBox deal

just go back from HK for less than a week and i have so many things piling up! i've not tune back properly yet =x
worked at F1 weekend till 2am for that 3 days and only have 4hrs of sleep daily.
my heels that i wore to most event jobs gave me a hugeass blister, now i cant even wear slippers.

once i landed my work phone was bombarded with messages/whatsapps which im still replying them
and the pending things to do before my elder bro's wedding next mon is squeezing every ounce of energy i have left. 

shall not complain. its good to be busy. i just hope that people can be a bit more patient with me as i get things done. i am not an octopus.
 spent a BOMB at HK. working hard to earn the numbers back!

kbox is having their 10th anniversary promotion and i met the girls for a dinner-singing session.

7years of friendship and still strong, i feel that they have gone thru highs and lows with me (:

spamming this post with some photos that i look for a MJ make up look (:

i know, my fake eyelash is really thick and long.
its my current favourite pair of lash and i have quite a few enquiry about them!
its a taiwanese brand call Ding Xiao Qin and their eyelash glue is superb! 

im receiving these 2 gorgeous babies from Let's Buttons Up! will do a detail post when i receive them!


Anonymous said...

Hi, can I know where did you get this black lace dress from?


Junying said...

hello! i got it from far east! 2nd floor, its a korean style shop just beside e escalator! (: take e escalator from e fountain side! i forgot e exact price its $100+