Majolica Majorca Chapter 34B

 Hello girls! Are you excited about this continuation launch to Chapter 34 - Psychedelicious ??
I mentioned in my previous ENTRY that this chapter is all about colours that pop!


Celebrate summer along with Majoliva Majorca with bright colours!

The launch was held at Shiseido office and saw this giant poster of the gorgeous japanese ambassador of Chapter 34B!

table filled with colourful candies and products from Chapter 34 (: 

sneak preview *_*

we were welcomed by mini cake treats from MJ staff! THANK U!!! xoxo

 we were told to attend with minimal eye make up ~

 i cant stop taking photos of the colourful deco!

Indulging in the mini cakes while paying attention to the demonstration by the makeup artist.

 DIY! unglam photo of me dolling up~

 LOOK AT THESE CHIO BRACELETS! they were a gift in the press kit! (:
one more lovely addition to my collection!

With the Majolica Majorca ambassadors! 

<3 audrey="audrey" br="br">

Huirong V-shape tiny face :D

 my outfit~
ps. skirt was chosen by Audrey, this girl really has good taste!

ok! drumrollsss~~~~

 Jeweling Eyes in Lavender Sugar (66) and Candied Apple (77)!!

Finally MJ launches new Jeweling Eyes!! I've been yearning for pastel colours! Purples and pinks are my favourite!

Also, don't think that red will make your eyes look swollen, it really doesn't!

i have created a look and share it with u girls (:

lovely pastel colours! 

I match Candid Apple (77) in a yellow top, perfect for the summer!
i also recommend this look with red lips too!

 In order to create an everyday look, I decided to go minimal with the eyeliners.
 The red colour on my lids doesn't make my eyes look swollen right?
Try it out girls!

This is how i use Lavender Sugar (66) palette. I drew a heavier eyeliner to create a more sexy look, I think purple colour also gives off a tad of mysterious feel.

I match this outlook with a bustier crop top!

I use my ring finger to blend the eyeshadows. Fingers to me, are the best blending tool  :p 

I line my lower lash line for this look as well. 

Jeweling Eyes can be purchased at Watsons store from 30 August! Price at $27.50 each (:

My favourite item from Chapter 34B has got to be Jeweling Eyes in Lavender Sugar, I'm always at a lookout for purple shades and I also feel that they make a very good blending colour as well!

Also, I adore the sparkling eyeshadow colour, it makes my eyes pop! Just dab a little at the corners of your eyes, you can definitely see the difference!


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