Brother's Wedding!

 My elder brother finally hit his big day on 1 October (: im really happy for him, i must say the wedding preparations was really a huge hassle, from packing the house which took most of our time, to helping out at receptions, decorating car etc. My bf's dad is super nice to lend us his 7 series and we got the car decorated a day before the actual day. (my bbirthday falls on 30 september btw, thus i didnt really celebrate also bcos i had fever the night before!)

im really happy that my brother is finally married!

accompanied my brother to gatecrash at 6am in the morning! *yawns* i only had an hour of sleep!

reached his gf's place receiving a box of surprise (:

oh boy this is my favourite part! 

thanks love for helping out!


 they got to guess which bra belongs to his gf's

 gangnam style dance!

not smooching! they gotta grab berries from each other's mouth!! ewww

 final part to read aloud a contract written by his gf!


 my 大嫂!

 off for photo taking!

yes i know, look at him!! so skinny!

 lovely sis!

 love this shot!
did i mention the weather is so hot and humid? lol


my sis totally didnt get it when i did that. i wanted the heart shape pose! 

tea ceremony~ thats my grandma (:

 my parents!
 plus the dog (:

 sis asking if we will receive an ang bao =x


took a little break in the afternoon before preparing for dinner at Concorde Hotel (:

 my mummy is so well dressed up! with fake lashes somemore!

 i did her nails (; gold glitter flakes extensions~

 my love (:

solemnization before dinner (: 

 cheeky album cover!

 my aunt!

 cute niece (:

 my cousins!

 love seeing those happy faces!

May they have a blissful marriage! (: (:


Anonymous said...

May I know where you got the pink dress from? Very nice!!!

Junying said...

hello! its from www.ladyhaute.com (:

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much =)

STEPHIE'S said...

Hi, where did u get ur black dress from?