Fishhead Steamboat

My dearest mum is turning 55! and my bro booked a fish head steamboat restaurant at Whompoa Food Street Keng Fish Head, 556 Balestier Road.

the food is really thumbs up!

my sister and her love lol.

myself with foundation and eyeliner~ T.T please don say i look like a ghost.

daddy loves!

happy family!
happy birthday mummy (: thanks for taking care of the family all these years!
love u^^

met up with amelia earlier this month! so nice of her to pass me gifts she got for me from USA (:

ramen this time! (:

im glad i set aside time to catch up with my friends.
december is really a busu month for me, but busy is good so im not complaining. im working hard for my future (:


Anonymous said...

I think you are really someone who likes to seek attention. Those who appears to be bullied infront of others but is a baddie at the back. Stop.

Junying said...

Hello, Im sorry if u think it this way but how come u will derive something like that?

Anonymous said...

Where do u buy the blue pinted dresa?