Happy hair = Happy Girl

 As my curly fringe starts to show up, I texted Juno asking if he could rescue my fringe ASAP! but good things must wait! as i gotta be rebonding them and getting a new dye (yippee!!), its going to be?


saying that, I can literally feel my hair ends getting so dry up i can ear "tiak tiak" when i straighten my hair!
so before i do more damage to them, I went down to Artica for a treatment! :D

Artica Hair Studio is located at
14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza 

 after hairwash!

 The treatment i did is called NeoProcess from JAPAN!!!
it not only repairs your hair, it can LAST 28 DAYS!!

its suitable for all who dye/bleach, rebond. basically damaged hair which no doubt ALL OF US have!
so don just spend money and dye/bleach or rebond your hair! it may just look nice when the stylist blowdry very chio for u, but then u go home and realize how come u cannot achieve the same effect! bcos your hair is damage already!

so please go for treatment and take care of your hair alright??

 NeoProcess has 3 steps!

Step 1 is to infuse nourishment (Amino Acid), lipids in between hair cells and hyaluronic acid (girls u should know what this is! u apply alot on your skin everyday!) to your hair! 

Step 2 is to form a strong foundation to prevent loss of nourishment! Juno apply the treatment and massage my hair over and over!

Step 3 is to finish with support cuticle and it will further repair your hair!

let me show u the results!


with JUNO. as always, to rescue my hair :D

this pic is taken a week of my treatment, i blew dry my hair, pardon the fringe cos its curly and i haven gone for rebonding yet!
but u see the back of my hair! its still so smooth after a week! i always say treatment can last, this time *nah* i got picture as prove! :D

Artica is having their december promotion! i see the prices can faint, so reasonable! and is festive season now, Juno's schedule is almost packed! so hurry go book him and get your hair done! u will love his services and skills!!

Call / SMS Juno at 9022 3918  (: 


Anonymous said...

Are you damn cocky and speak bad bout nail manicurists from the same school or industry?

Anonymous said...

Hi! May I know the prices for the neoprocess treatment?

Junying said...

anon 1 - what kind of question is this?! u asked if i am damn cocky? u already point fingers at me already what can i say -.-
my life is so jam packed busy right now i don think i will find joy bitching about others. and it doesnt bring in more business, it only brings haters like u.

so what the hell did i do this time?

Junying said...

anon 2- hello! its $90-$140 depending on hair length! u can text Juno for a more accurate pricing! pardon my fierce comment reply above!

Anonymous said...

woah junying you are so fierce didn't know you were like that :O

Junying said...

im a human with emotions too. and someone is already pointing fingers at me saying nasty things like that, cant i defend myself? hmmm..

Anonymous said...

hi, for juno's services have to add additional $30 right?

Junying said...

yes for their current promo! (: