Resolutions for 2013.

well, we survived 2012! so its time to move on!
heres what i wrote down last year!

1. Better financial management - i did (:
2. Change hairstyle - YES I FINALLY OUTGREW MY FRINGE!
3. To travel at least twice - yupp
4. Have a new business enterprise with my friends - didn't work out as we were so busy~
5. More storage space - failed
6. A stable relationship with my boyfriend - there were of cos unpleasant times but im glad we manage to overcome instead of giving up
7. To have determination in whatever i decided to do - 50/50
8. Save $10k - sad to say i spent too much last year~
9. Maintain my slim body (Join dance class or exercise more often) - i guess i slim down cos i didnt have time to eat!
10. Driving license! - I FAILED TWICE. taking the test on 15feb, wish me luck!


so whats my aim for 2013?

1. Pass my driving (dammit pls just let me pass =x)
2. Save up to my target amount
3. Be more optimistic
4. Learn painting
5. To go to Taiwan again, and hopefully to a country that I've never visited before
6. Manage my expenses
7. Have a chio shoe rack to store all my shoes

getting pretty dumb, bascially i just hope that i don have to go thru shit.
and get less haters?

Sometimes social media is kinda misleading, in a way like the way I handle things or the way i type often offends people. or i get haters when i don behave the way they thought i would be.
i blog bcos i just wanna keep track of my lifestyle and share information, last year i got quite a few accusations which makes no sense at all. I'm a human being too and I have emotions, yes, i get affected by comments like that, bcos i don understand why would they judge me without knowing me.

So... yea..

8. lesser shitty stuffs. (:

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