New year with new hair (:

happy CNY everyone! hope u all enjoyed your CNY celebrations and embark new year with a fresh start!
I was so busy and jam packed with my nail appointments and I worked up to 20 hours a day!
i was so tired i didnt even have the strength to eat! also i have to stop modeling for blogshops cos of my peak period! did u miss me? LOL.

a week before my peak period, I made an appointment with Juno to get my CNY hair done (:

my curly roots are starting to show but Juno says I cant get it rebonded yet as it will make my hair ends more dry. so its hair dye and treatment for me first!

Artica Hair Studio is located at
14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza 

touch up my red dye roots first!

while waiting for magic to work on my hair, I always indulge myself with this carrot cake, had it once thru Juno's intro and got stuck ever since! their chilli is really good! till now i don know which stall are they from, Juno is always the one helping me order!

oh boy its going to be an "ang-ang" new year!

hair treatment to prevent dry hair!!

*drum rolls* argh pic doesnt do the color justice! my streaks of red highlights isn't those bombastic bright red, but it can be differentiated from the original dye. 

love the layers of my dye!
it was my first time doing highlights and oh boy the process itself is more troublesome than hair dye!

Thank you Juno for squeezing me in despite yr hectic schedule!
I really appreciate sponsors like him!

my hair on 13 feb! hair colour is still pretty! can see the red highlight better here! :D

Call / SMS Juno at 9022 3918  and book an appointment now! (: 

Artica Hair Studio is located at
14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza 

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