brunch & movies

had a brunch & movie marathon date with my aunt a while ago. 

we went to Choupinette for breakfast before heading to for movie at town.

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i ordered the Chou Chou set, its mainly eggs and i can choose a cold juice and a hot beverage. 

we had lasagne too!

 creme brulee for dessert.

Choupinette is located at 607 Bukit Timah Road (Just next to Coronation Plaza)

overall the food was not bad, a lil pricey for me and the waiter served both the hot & cold beverage at the same time.

 caught these 2 movies. Arbitrage is interesting in their plot, Les Miserables is a classic tale and I love Anna Hathaway!
the movie took up the whole afternoon, then we decided on dinner at Au Chocolat!

they were having a promo platter at $20 (:

Pork belly.
not very nice cos the skin was burnt and very very hard to chew :(

 brownie & ice cream at its best!

Au Chocolat is located at The Shoppes at MBS, Bay Level L1-03

They have a delightful selection of cakes which I packed home a Calamansi Meringue & a Red Velvet Cheesecake!

the meringue is sweet while the calamansi is sour, interesting twist! should give it a try! (:


dblchin (double chin) said...

I like the combination of your top and bag! Loving the bag especially!

Junying said...

thanks dear!!

Anonymous said...

I like your bag. Where did u buy?

Anonymous said...

Where u get your bag?

Junying said...

Hello! I got my bag from Taiwan last year! :)