Anna Sui!!

Just a few days back, I posted a picture of my lovely products sent by Anna Sui on my IG and boy was it filled with * thumbs up * lotsa loves!   

I have an exciting surprise for my readers! So do stay tune till the end of this post! 

I'm a fan of whimsical and was already memerized by their packaging before I even opened them… 

Check out my bag of awesome loots from Anna Sui!!

1. Anna Sui Spot Concealer (shade 02)


I’m a big fan of cream concealer compared to the other available textures in the market. If you don’t already know, concealer is a miracle to girls (& sometimes guys) cause it hides everything your foundation doesn’t! 
Anna Sui’s cream concealer is moist and creamy (exactly like how it looks in the pictures above), it’s perfect to cover under-eye areas. It doesn’t only have a good coverage, but it smells great too! I’ll definitely buy it again if this runs out!

2. Anna Sui Refreshing Loose Powder (#701)

I love this packaging at first sight! The powder puff comes in a separate packaging which makes the process of making up feels more hygienic! Anyway, a loose powder will set your make up and gives a soft translucent look after setting your base. I personally prefer going light with a foundation and concealer, then lightly puff loose powder all over my face because it will do the trick of having a even skin toned, and flawless look. 

This loose powder not only serves to set our foundation, making our look last longer, this amazing product gives an immediate minty feel on the skin upon application (seriously, this is not an april fool’s joke!) It also gives a slight shimmer, perfect to use as a highlighter under the eyes, cheekbones or forehead even!

3. Anna Sui Spring Collection ‘13

Don’t you just love this fanciful looking bottles?! I was all dreamy-eyed when I held them in my hands, they’re just too pretty! I love the pretty shades of pink, and a bottle of base coat and gel top coat that came along with them! 

P.S Gel top coat doesn’t mean literally gel, but a gel-like top coat that really makes your nail shines!

Anna Sui emery board. It has a rough and smooth side, the side that feels rough is meant to file and shape your nails.

Turn it around, the side that feels smooth is meant to buff the edge of your nails for a clean edge. Let me show you a little more on what I can do with these stuff…

First, you apply the base coat and let it dry, after a good 5 minutes it should have a matte finish.

Here, I’m using Anna Sui Nail in #315, and paint something like the above. I call it an abstract heart, go figure! :)

Using acrylic paint (black) or black nail polish, u will need a dotting tool and brush. Otherwise, a toothpick will do as well. 

Dot four dots along the sides of the french nail…

Use a brush and connect the lines and you should see a simple corset design inspired by Anna Sui’s lovely nail bottles! Amazing or what?

Here’s 2 sets of nails created using Anna Sui nail polishes and stickers, sealed with their Gel top coat!

4. Anna Sui “Dazzle Base” Lipstick (#351)

This lipstick feels so smooth on my lips, and I adore this peach shimmer shade that I’m carrying this everywhere with me! 
Below is how it looks after application. It doesn’t look as orangey as the picture above somehow, but it’s perfect on my lips.

Doesn’t look thick nor cakey, and it looks natural after I’m made up :)

5. Anna Sui Lip Crayon (#301)

A lip crayon is something new to me, cause I’ve never tried it before and I’ve read online reviews on lip crayons saying that it makes your lips really dry. But says who now?! 

I’m using shade #301 from Anna Sui’s spring collection, it’s so bright and exciting looking. Could be my perfect spring color, or the previous dazzle base lippie in #351!

At first I was a little worried cause it looked so bright, too exciting for a shade I’d put on my lip but it turned out okay. By okay, I meant pretty enough to parade in town. It looks like a lip stained with a matte finish, how cool?!

You realized I’m dressed in spring colors too? And this hot pink look actually stands out in my outfit? I (double) love it now!

6. Anna Sui Liquid Eyeliner (#001)

I used this to draw my eyes in all the looks above! Super smooth texture for thin/ sharp lines you wanna create. Draw your eyes as near to your lashes if you wanna go for a natural look, otherwise this pen can help create a wild and bold cateye look if you’d like! I love this brush, feels like a calligraphy brush on my canvas (face)! 

Before I end this post, I’d like to thank Anna Sui for sharing the love with me. I love these lovely products, and I had a great time playing with them too :) 

You can purchase these Anna Sui products at any of the outlets below : 

1.    Isetan Scotts @ 350 Orchard Shaw House S238868
2.    C.K Tang Limited @ 310 / 320 Orchard Road S238864
3.    Takashimaya Singapore @ 391 Orchard Road S238873
4.    Metro Paragon @ 290 Orchard Road S238859
5.    Robinsons Centrepoint @ 176 Orchard Road #05-05 Centrepoint S238843
                             6. Robinsons Raffles City @ 252 North Bridge Road #03-01 S179103

Any first 50 of my readers to flash any of my Anna Sui related post (Blogpost, Tweet, Facebook post or Instagram) over at Anna Sui counter @ Takashimaya departmental store will receive a complimentary flash makeover AND a little gift surprise from them! So hurry go get them now~

Hope you enjoyed reading this post, till next time! Xoxo


yunita yusuf said...

i loveee love the lip colorr!its so natural!

im following your blog now :)


Kathryn Fell said...

Are the Base Coat and Top Coat rose scented when dry, the same way the nail colors are?

Junying said...

Nope the top and base aren't rose scented :)