Samsung EX2F.

hello! some of you might have known that I've recently bought a new camera, Samsung EX2F (:
i had such a hard time choosing the colour, end up picking white as I didnt want that same-old-boring-black colour.
Still happy with the purchase!

So now I have 2 cameras, the other one will be Casio TR150 which is the number one camwhore camera with in incredible beauty mode. I must say they have the BEST BEAUTY MODE feature, EX2F has beauty shot too but the skin tone isn't as smooth as what TR150 can do!

This is how EX2F looks like. it has a flip screen for easy self portrait. most importantly, it has a WIFI function, and I'm able to upload photos to facebook, transfer photos to a smart phone almost immediately after taking a picture! This was one of the main reason i chose this camera~

The purpose of this post is to inform my readers that this camera can do A LOT more than what I thought!
You know the thing about getting semi-pro camera is, I'm only good at using AUTO mode. #guiltymax
So I went to read the user manual cos there are 2 drive mode which drives me crazy! I really salute to bloggers that own DSLR or basically have really pretty photos, I'm such a noob!

YOU SEE!! its so complicated right? Whats that "P" "A" "S" "M" and those symbols?!!
So after reading them (briefly), I was amazed by each function, I tell myself I have to blog about them, I am not a pro lah as you can see. I'm just sharing what I learn, I'm still trying here and here with this camera, there is TOO MANY information to share all in one post. I will do it separately.


This is what people like me always use when we buy camera, since we are not smart enough to know which function to choose, this mode helps you do EVERYTHING RIGHT.

But! of course sometimes, it doesn't gives me what I want, for example, I always have problems taking picture at places with dim lighting, then this SMART mode always give me problem, thats when people will start to say "eh use flash use flash", then the photo overexpose!!


i checked and my fren said "eh so dark, on flash on flash!"

use flash and "WHAT IS THIS!!!"
ok actually i also anyhow press setting here and there. I haven't explore the flash yet so please don penalize the camera first. 

another example here, my dog. 

 on the flash and I feel its too harsh!

So capturing photos at dim light is so frustrating!
For SMART mode, you cannot make any lighting adjustments to your picture, so you can use "P" mode!

P Mode

It means Program Mode, this is also for noobs like me! except that you can adjust ISO and EV (:

What is ISO? 
It measures the sensitivity of image sensor, meaning if you want a brighter photo, you can adjust the ISO to a higher setting. EX2F can adjust ISO from 80 -12800

When to use ISO? 
At places where lights are dim, at concerts where flash photography isnt allowed, sports events.

The thing about ISO is, normally you will just need AUTO ISO, but unless u feel like the photo is too dark, u can adjust it to ISO 100 and try first, the disadvantage of very high ISO pictures is that it tends to be grainy.
meaning, higher ISO = lower quality photo

What is EV?
Its call Exposure Value.
Sometimes some photos quality depends on shutter speed and aperture. sounds cheem right? nevermind.
it simply means when u adjust your EV, it can help you darken or brighten your photo.

I will try to read up and understand more about shutter speed and aperture when I get to experiment them.

I tend to use EV more than ISO as it is easier, and ISO will give me more grainy photos when I adjust it higher.
This doesn't mean ISO is useless. after reading up more, I understand a little more how each function is so useful under different circumstances.

ok this picture is shot using SMART Mode. Why this picture will be dark not because its not good, it is because when camera focus, it will focus on the brightest and darkest part of the photo, and set the "brightness" to the middle.
Camera is not like human ok so we must do some adjustments on our own (:

This photo is taken when I adjust the ISO to 400.

 this was taken with ISO 12800, highest setting. U can see the photo is a little grainy blurblur kind.

this was taken with ISO 6400. still grainy.

i set ISO 400 and I think its just nice (:

i grabbed this picture online, giving credits to the owner!
anyway, this pic looks fine to me! but after adjusting the EV............

Just by adjusting to +1 on EV. the snow becomes more white!! nicer right! 

heres a table of what your picture will turn out adjusting the EV!

Currently, I will adjust brightness of my pictures using EV (:


Ok heres part one! took me so long to finish this post! I hope it can help some of you and you can take out your camera and give it a try k!
Write disclaimer first! I'm posting on what I learn from reading manual and researching online! if i make any mistakes in any part of my post please correct me k! :D



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