Social Star Awards

Counting down counting down.................
Just a few more days to......

The world's first Social Superstar Awards and Concert weekends!
The award show will be happening on 23 May at Marina Bay Sands and the concert will be held at Gardens By The Bay on 24 & 25 May!

This award show rank celebrities based on their popularity on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Weibo. Unlike traditional award shows, the winners are selected by fans themselves!

I'm very excited to be able to head to day 1 concert!!
So who are performing on that day?


They are an Asian pop group to have their single hit the top 3 on a US Billboard chart!

Carly Rae Jepsen *beams*
how can we ever forget her theme song?!

Ceelo! I've seen him on The Voice, can't wait for his performance!

MY GOODNESS!! He is the main highlight for me, he just created record breaking viewing numbers on youtube with his "Gentleman" video. I'm able to see him live this week!

They will be performing on 25 May! They have so many classics and its going to be a full fledge Aerosmith concert on day 2!

I'm mad excited for this extravagant event!! are you?!! Theres your favourite stars and you can party all night! Sing and dance along with your favourite song!
No need to click replay on your playlist, heres your chance to listen to them LIVE!!

Visit http://www.starcount.com/ for more information! U can purchase tickets from the website!! There are different packages available!

See you there!

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