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 Hi girls! today im going to share about a sensitive topic here which is our breasts. yes, I'm pretty sure many girls have some issues regarding the size, firmness of your breasts.

So I'm going to talk about my experience recently with Tokyo Bust Express!

I went to City Square Mall outlet and was immediately greeted by two friendly staff at the reception! 

I feel that being a girl, having a better bustline can help boost self confidence and feels more feminine. It doesn't have to be really huge but I'm sure most of you will have "a cup size bigger will be just nice"  kind of thought, yes? I have it all the time!

 I met my specialist, Evonne and we talked about my concerns about my breasts. For myself, I would like my breasts to be fuller, she explained to me that smaller breasts can be due to many reasons, for example, doing sports, genetic reasons, not eating the right food during puberty.

I have to admit, I'm not an avid fan of tonic soups when I was younger, I guess I didn't provide my body with the amount of nutrients needed for fuller bustline. Thats why I'm at Tokyo Bust Express to help me out!

Evonne explained to me the different types of bust treatment available at Tokyo Bust Express, they will help me do a bust analysis and customize a series of treatments best suited for my need! Also, I've learnt alot of facts about helping you breasts grow.
I told Yvonne but I've passed puberty so long ago! How are these treatments going to help me?
I learnt that breasts are made of mammory glands, its the hormones inside our breasts, these glands comes in different sizes and it determines the size of our breasts (I always thought that breasts are just fats!).

At Tokyo Bust Express, the treatments include using fenugreek seed extract, mexican wild yam root, dang gui root etc.. all these natural herbs will aid our hormones production for fuller, firmer breasts!

 Did you know that these treatments not only help to achieve fuller bustline, it helps our hormones growth, promote better health and have reduction of menopause symptoms!

I also told Yvonne that I can't possibly have sagging breasts! She laughed and told me every woman have the possibility of sagging breasts regardless of size, and if you have sagging breasts, its actually  not a very good sign, thats where tumor or cancer start to grow! So ladies, health more important! The message therapy at Tokyo Bust Express helps us remove our lymphatic notes and detox too!

I was then given my breasts analysis, Evonne arranged for me,
Scrub Therapy
Toning Massage
Push Up Machine Therapy
Bust Up Therapy
Suction Therapy
Daizu Enhancement Mask 

I was escorted to my therapy room, the bed was filled with roses!! The ambiance of the room was relaxing, the dim lights and soothing music takes the stress away from my head!

My therapist starting the treatment! The scrub was really good, the massage was a little painful during some parts as the therapist had to massage the mammory glands to improve the hormones growth, my breasts felt a little sore after the therapy but this is pretty normal!
After the massage, I fell asleep as the rest of the treatment was really relaxing for me! 

My treatment took almost 2 hours, Evonne came to me and compared my "before & after" treatment, I can see a huge difference, my breasts was fuller & firm and it was lifted up I swear!
Evonne told me for better permanent results, they will advice their customers to do 4-5 sessions, I told her one session already made alot of difference!

I received this pretty stalk of sunflower from the friendly staff! heh

 With my consultant, Evonne!

Together with my therapist!

I was given this serum and was told to apply twice daily to maintain the results from my session, we cannot always depend on professional help, we must also be diligent on our side too!

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You will receive 3 complimentary Miracle Bust-Boost + Kou You Volume Mask worth $48
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1. Answer the following question:

All bust maximising treatments done at Tokyo Bust Express are 100% safe and natural.

Yes or No.

2. Fill in details here ->  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dDB0T1ZHY1k1RnFxd0FHQ1BEeUFEeGc6MA
3. Friendly staff from Tokyo Bust Express will call and arrange an appointment!

Terms and conditions
1. Females above 18 years old 
2. Strictly by appointment only
3. Promotion valid for 2 months

Feel free to reach them at 6262 6161

Location of all outlets

- City Square Mall, 1 Kitchener Road #B2-39, Singapore 208539
- Park Mall, 9 Penang Road #11-06, Singapore 556083
- Nex Mall, 23 Serangoon Road #03-32, Singapore 556083
- Novena Square 2, 10 Sinaran Drive #B1-111, Singapore 307506

Hope you girls can enjoy bust treatment and have better breasts health!!


Anonymous said...

Hi JY u r so lucky that u got sponsored. I'm a customer of Tokyo Bust and regretted. If you are rich I think you have no issue with them and they welcome you. However, I'm just a normal white collar worker who earn just as normal. But Tokyo Bust packages are really expensive in long run and they are very aggressive. If you are someone who finds it difficult to say no, then I advise not to go. Initially, they told me to sign the package which include the scrub, massage, Bust up therapy, pink nipple,etc and was told that that's enough to enable to see result. My treatment is to enhance my size. Of cos they did throw in some freebies like one time serum, one time Daizu. But each time after the one time try, they will pushed you really hard to buy the package. Maybe this tactics is common to other salon. However, its really sick that every treatment I went they will push something to me without fail. They will always say this is the cheapest price and custom for u. No one get as cheap as this price. After they successfully get u to buy one package, they promised they will not pester u to buy any more. The next time you go, indeed the person who sold you the package didn't pester you, but another person either the shop manager or the therapist will try to sell you something again. And its all over again and again. During the treatment session, they will come in and start to chit chat with you then start to sell you something. So in the end I gave up and decided not to complete my package. Each time I left the place with a headache as they talked too much which I have no moment of peace and very pushy. The room is just a bed and a cupboard with no rose petals. Not to say to give us a stalk of flower. My friend is also experiencing the same pressure. So I don't think i'm not the only one. I know they are just doing their job to make a living but I seriously think they should review their selling tactics as this is definitely not working well. You can get the customer the first time but it will not be a long term relationship.I'm just sharing my experience with Tokyo Bust not about you, JY. Just so happen u wrote about them :)

Anonymous said...

Agree with what he/she commented below. Totally waste time. I still rmb i told them im just a student. And i've not much money. They told me is ok. Just pay some and the rest you can installment. While during the installment period, they will definitely call you without fail and ask if you're good and everything. They pester you over the money. After you clear the amount, i swear they will never act like before. They dont even bother if you're coming for your treatment.

Anonymous said...

Saw you at the salon that day. Having very bad reviews about this place too. Same like the other customers, I was made to sign a 8k worth of package. And after the treatment, I developed rashes! All they care is just earning consumer's money. And imagine the shock when I saw deals gg at $10 or $12 online for 10 sessions or more. With the 4k that I paid I could have gone for 10 years EVERYDAY consecutively. Feels more like a scam. And only sponsored treatments get the flower thing? How come same day, same time as Jun Ying's appointment, I don't get the flower petals too? Haha! No offense but really, scam salon. And I'm determined to get back my full refund else I'm reporting to CASE.

Anonymous said...

saw the comments and was quite skeptical but the lady who called was quite nice and persuaded me to just give it a try.

so i just thought of giving it a try, with quite a defensive mindset i must say. i always like to try new services when they are out - hair, body, face and spas. and out of all the salons ive visited, i must say tokyo bust express staff are one of the better ones as compared to alot others. and surprisingly i did have petals on me bed that day and got the vip room! hehe

its my 2nd week going now and service level is pretty consistant. so when i was reading your blog i thought i should just share this :)

and to anonymous above, i did mention what u said but the consultant said its a different range of treatments! so there must have been some misunderstanding in btwn?

Anonymous said...

Hi Junying, thank u for blogging. My experience was pretty okay with them. I went to city square too but personally i feel that their service as overall good.
Staff are warm and friendly. Price might be abit expensive but i must say the results are good. I really can see difference in my bust size and my bf said so too. I so excited to see even more results.By the way, the program i took up was $3688+gst.I forgot the name of the program but it was customized by my consultant Caixia. However, i think best if they can learn more english, i think will better help them in communicating with non-chinese customers.

Junying said...

thank you for all your comments (: its very constructive and helpful! thanks everyone who shared their experiences!

Anonymous said...

I spent $11K, went there for over a year and never once got rose petals. And the problem I had with my breasts was never fixed. Now I'm so much poorer with the same breasts I started with, after stopping for a few months. Not going back there, ever.

Anonymous said...

Now I know what to NOT leave out if im gg to open a bust express - rose petals! Seems like a major issue here lol