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I have a new blog layout coming up soon! its really #lastwarning for myself! hehe~

this is my recent face shot. i've change my eye make up cos im trying my best to make do without my "peacock" lashes and surprisingly i receive so many compliments that i look better without them!
i use to have bangs for almost 5 years, meaning, i did not trim or even draw my eyebrows, even till now i take quite sometime to get my brows drawn! *practice practice*

so last week i went to catch STOMP at MBS with GC peeps!

with Collette & Joanna!

forever camera ready! Asyiha & Eunice!

i brought my aunt along!

Stomp was such a creative show! the cast uses different types of props which can be found in our daily lifestyle to create unique beats and sounds! its not just plain music but they have entertaining parts as well!

STOMP has used over 50,000 boxes of matches, 30,000 brooms, 20,000 bins, 10,000 drumsticks and 25,000 litres of black paint applied with 737 paint rollers! How cool is that!

with all GC peeps!


Anonymous said...

I think you drew your eyebrows too thick for your face. Try to go easy on them.

Junying said...

Ok! Thanks for e tip!