Not neglecting my hair!

I went to Artica for my monthly hair treatment! Its been a while since I dye my hair but Juno told me to hush hush a little, and ask me to go to him once a month for treatment first before I dye my hair again!

I love steaming! Sometimes I feel like buying one for myself to DIY at home but nah~~ we're sure be too lazy!! 

I use straightener quite often (I use it to curl my hair as well!), so my hair is really dryyy~~
but u see! smooth and shiny again! 

my hair ends doesn't feel dry & doesn't look like grass! 

 actually my hair colour now is quite nice also eh~ hehe
but the black roots is really distracting.

Thank you Juno!

Artica is located at Far East Plaza #04-64
Please call Artica 6836 2891 to make an appointment!

Now I can have smooth hair even after I curl them!! (:
Don't neglect your hair k!
(last 2 pics is obviously edited, just the make my skin look more smooth! :p)

As many of you know, I work full time from home, I'm a homebase manicurist.
Many of my customers envy my job bcos

1. its freelance
2. i can manage my own timing
3. no need to see boss's black face and suck up to his/her attitude

Well, I must say some true some not. To be honest, the reason why I decided to work from home is because I just cant stand having a day job, I feel trap in a confined area and I feel that I am dragging myself to work everyday.
This is my fourth year into my humble business, I still enjoy what I'm doing, but one thing I must say,

I work EVERYDAY (i have no off days).
I am usually fully booked on weekday evenings, daytime customers are normally students, bride-to-be, taitai-s, OL with sales job/freelance (eg, real estate agents).
On weekends, I work daytime only, meaning, my last appointment to be set at 1-2pm max so that I can end by 3-4pm, because this is the only 2 days I can spend time with my boyfriend.

So how do I meet my friends? They have to arrange WAY EARLY.
say what?? My last appointment on weekdays is 9-930pm, I end as late as 11pm. So is either they arrange with me early so that I can block the dates out, or they meet me for supper.

How about your boyfriend?
Sadly, my boyfriend is a workaholic, he really has a lot of things to do, so he normally end work later than me. So other than weekends, we do not go out on date, if I'm lucky, he'll call and will meet me for supper. His job involves night life, so every friday, I will try to follow him around, so its not really considered dating cos most of the time he is working. And the night will end as late as 4-5am, where we will go home and rest, while I will wake up in the morning and work on saturday so that I can end early and go out on a date on my precious weekends.

As my nail business stabilize, I'm having a hard time to manage my other sideline, which is working at events and modeling for blogshops. Maybe I'm getting old, market value dropped. LOL.
There are alot of times, I rush to shoots and after that I have to rush home to work, honestly, I feel quite depress sometimes because I have nice hair and make up, but instead of finding friends to hang out, I have to rush home to work. My nail appointments are so tight now until even the blogshop I model with for 3 years decided to change model cos of my tight schedule.

I'm not complaining! Being busy is good, but I'm starting to wonder if I have a bad time management? I neglect my blog, my friends have to make "appointment" to meet up, I make myself so tired so that I can spend more time with my loved ones. What I'm trying to say is, my customers are equally important to me, I don reject customers, each time I reject a customer, is bcos I really have no timeslots left, I feel really bad. So I always try my best to squeeze them in, because I might be rejecting a bride-to-be, or an individual attending her best friend's wedding, sometimes I feel really tired.
its just that I dont have time to blog often, I literally don exercise anymore, I skip meals alot or eat alone.
But I'm not going to stop what I'm doing, I'm not ranting here but just sharing bits & parts of what my current lifestyle is like.

Is it unhealthy? =/


Anonymous said...

Hi. I think you should at least have a day off a week. Even not meeting up with friends but at least off a day to replenish rest and sleep :) Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hey, jia you! I have been following your blog for the longest of time. All I want to say that you inspire me! :)