My laptop died T.T

My Dell laptop that I bought from IT fair last year is dead, I cannot on it at all :( 
It's just less than 2 years old but I'm sick off forcing it to shut down bcos it can't, and I'm sick of calling Dell support so often! 
Now I'm given 2 choices, 
1. To pay $400+ for motherboard replacement. 
2. To pay $300+ for extended warranty so that I can receive "free" services and change of parts. 

They obviously want me to pick 2! I think it's time for me to switch to Mac! 
Many of my friends and customers has been psycho-ing me to change so I guess now is the appropriate time! 

Been contemplating between a desktop and laptop, which one is better? 

Alright now! Some pictures from my phone!

His shoulders are just nice enough for me to lie on. Fits swee swee~~ 

I had dinner at a superb japanese restaurant near Fullerton Bay, my laptop died so pictures gotta wait! 
And we caught the fireworks from their rooftop bar! 

And I'm still very much in love with my latest purchase, my Lucien ring :) 

I'm moving to a new site soon! I can't wait for everything to finalise! 


Anonymous said...

Junying can you blog more often? I like reading your blog (:

Anonymous said...

Please think twice about buying Mac! Im a Mac user and honestly Mac isnt that friendly if you wanna consider something easier to use. Cuz the softwares for printers and etc that are easier to find and download for Windows are more problematic and harder to find for Macs. The only good thing about Mac is the super strong firewall. There are other good laptop brands now available in the market, like samsung and asus. They now have the detachable laptop screens which can function like a tablet. You can check out on more alternatives before deciding to buy a Macbook pro. Hope what I mentioned would be helpful to you! ;)

Elaine73 said...

Im using Mac but I love Windows and guess wat. I went to Apple and bought the windows program FOR mac. hahaha. damn facepalm moment coz the Apple guy was kinda rolling his eyes at me but my photo editor software only available in windows n not mac -__-ll
But so far no problems using windows in mac! N best part is my mac almost never hangs! :D Maybe u can shop around for awhile before buying too dear! xo