Probably the best thing ever~

Recently i did something really amazing to my hair, and i'm really excited to share with my readers.
As you know I've been asked to go for constant hair treatment by Juno,
reason being I was straightening my hair too often (almost everyday to bee exact), because my hair doesn't look nice after blow drying them.

it looks something like that after being blow dried, it was too hideous looking to take of photo of myself with broomstick hair, but yeah, u know what i mean.

So Juno texted me one day and told me that I can try out something new that he brought in and I will be the first consumer to use it (:
I wanted to rebond my hair because even though I did multiple hair treatments at Artica, it will last for about 1-2 weeks before my constant straightening dries up my hair all over again.
I didnt want to keep going back to Juno and I feel bad for spoiling his work :(

I went to Artica on 16 August to try out this new treatment with straightening formula name Trioxxy, the secret to hair repair and protection!

now now, you must be thinking, ANOTHER TREATMENT.
Please take time to read what I'm about to share with you all ok. I was introduced to a new level of hair technology. Now this hair treatment is unlike any other keratin hair treatment u receive, I've mentioned before after a few hair wash and contestant damage to your hair, the treatment effect wears off and u need to go back to the salon and spend money to do another round of treatment.

So what does the above picture explain? It means, if you hair is dead straight, you will have straight forward effect, if u hav natural curls, you can straighten your hair too with this treatment!
or if u have really curly hair and u want soft waves, this is the treatment to do!

Ok this is how my hair is like after wash & blow, no straightening. Can u imagine how bad i looked with the whole head full of this frizziness??

Rebonding can straighten your hair, yes. BUT!
it damages your hair like mad, thats where u experience very dry, fried hair ends which hair stylist will recommend u to snip them off.
But Trioxxy hair treatment, not only can straighten my hair, but its a hair treatment that can last up to 5 months!

the procedure was about 2 hours, they wash my hair and condition it.
let my hair "bake" for about 20-30mins before it was washed off!

after drying my hair, they straighten it and im done!!

OH MY GAWD!!! you jus have to see this!
really smooth and shiny hair!

thank u JUNO!!!

this doesnt end here! (:
you must be thinking, my hair will turn bad again after a few wash right.
heres my Hair Diary and the pictures taken are right after hair wash + blow dry. NO STRAIGHTENING at all I swear!

Day 2

look at the texture of my hair!!! you can see its still so smooth!

Day 3

I have no make up on my face, but the focus is my hair!
please see that there is zero frizziness!

Day 5

I was getting emotional because I'm really very happy that my hair is still in great condition, I saved alot of time preparing to go out!

back of my hair!

Day 7 

This was taken last weekend, after 6 hair wash.
still no frizziness, hair still soft, especially hair ends, it is still very smooth!

I will continue to take pictures of my hair and share with you the condition of my hair!
Of course, this hair treatment will cost more than other hair treatment, price starts from $399 onwards.

I really feel its super worth the money, imagine u pay $150 for hair rebonding, and every month u go for hair treatment that cost u $80 each time.
$150 + (5 x $80) = $550 --> i am already quoting the cheapest hair treatment & rebonding price here. 

If u can spend $399 on a hair treatment that can last for 6 months. what for pay $150 to spoil your hair, and $400 to treat it back when it only last for 2 weeks max right?

Artica is located at Far East Plaza, #04-64. 
You can SMS/call Juno at 9022 3918 or call 6836 2891 for enquiry or appointment!!

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