Asian Skin Solutions!

Whenever I buy skincare products, I realise that I'm buying the product base on what I feel I need and I never really went into it to find out what my skin really needs!

I'm happy to be given a chance to experience with Asian Skin Solutions to find out my skin problems!
Why them?

Simply because Asian Skin Solutions are the only compnany in Singapore who specializes in dealing with Asian Skin types and worries. They are one of the few beauty salons that customizes facial treatment for Asians!

Last week, I went to one of their outlets at Parkmall! Upon entering the salon, I was greeted by a few friendly staff and one of them, Nick, handled me a stalk of flower and I was told to fill up a form.

The form was to understand my concerns, and also my health conditions!

Afterwich, I was ushered to a consultation room where my consultant, Jade, helped me along with a detailed skin analysis with a machine!

I'm so shy to post this picture up but this is to show my readers how detailed this analysis is! Jade tested my skin texture, collagen level, moisture level, wrinkles etc!

Yes, pigmentation! I just turned 25 and this is one of the major issues I'm facing now!

SUNBLOCK is really an essential! You have to apply it everyday even when u're at home! I work under harsh lighting and being lazy for not consistently applying sunblock, now freckles have started to develop on my face T.T

I must emphasis more on having good skin by maintaining it periodically as it helps enable complexion radiance and enhance feminity.

Jade explained to me that I have a slight wrinkling problem, and pigmentation problem! So she customized a facial treatment session for me, to dehydrate my skin so when I apply skincare products, my skin can absorb more and thereafter, promote my skin elasticity! 
Actually this has never crossed my mind, as I assume as long as I do my daily facial cleansing routine, my skin will be alright~ However, after chatting with my consultant, I realize it requires a lot to have good skin. Our skin needs maintenance, healthy nutrition diet, and sufficient sleep for a healthy skin!

 Next, it’s my facial session! 

 I received a deep cleansing, face scrub and massage!

I did a light extraction too!

My specialist told me that too much extraction is not good for your skin as it enlarges your pores. So they did a machine treatment to reduce my pores.

This is the cooling and relaxing part of the treatment! (:

Lastly, they applied 2 types of face mask for me followed by a relaxing shoulder massage!

With my lovely specialist, Jade! She was really chatty and taught me a lot for a better understanding what kind of skin care is suitable for me!

With just one session, I can already see visible results!! This photo was taken right after I left Asian Skin Solutions! My pores are much tighter and smoother complexion!

Girls love to look pretty on their dates, who doesn’t right! Having smoother complexion helps in the application of make up!
I’d recommend you girls to Asian Skin Solutions after my satisfying overall experience!! (:
Exclusive to my readers!! 
November promotion!
Fair & Tender: Receive one Complimentary Aesthetics Milk Peel Facial when you answer a simple question! Top up $2 for a Rejuvenating Kawaii-Eye Treatment worth $388 ( U.P. $1088)
Leave details at link: http://goo.gl/5vEpAg
OR Call 6767 0077 for enquiries
Include T & C
Terms and Conditions to apply:
    • Above 18 years old and above only
    • Valid for both Male and Females
    • Strictly by appointment only.
    • Promotion valid for 2 months

Locations of outlets: 

- Parkmall 9 Penang Road #11-04 Spore 238459
- Bugis Village 154 Rochor Road Singapore 188425

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