L'oreal Revitalift

Today I'm going to address a problem that leaves girls always scratching their heads and thinking how to solve this problem~~ which is.................................

Eye puffiness and wrinkle problems!

I work under harsh lightings a lot, especially during all those long hours doing nail art and as though my eyes do not get enough stress, it gets tugged most nights when I remove stubborn make up like mascara etc. Many of us look after our skin very closely but sometimes our eye areas get forgotten but that’s where the skin is most delicate! So, it’s about time I give my eyes some tender loving care.

Also, age is catching up and I'm in my mid 20s, I can see really fine wrinkles starting to form :( Its really time to start maintaining and improve my eyecare regime!
Recently, I found the solution to my eye woes!

L'oreal Revitalift Laser x3 Eye Cream!

I’ve always seen L’Oreal having a range of products in Guardian/Watson’s and have always been quite interested in knowing more about them. Finally did some research on my own and found out it has an advanced formulation with 10x more Pro-Xylane, Adenosine and Caffeine.
For those who are looking at your screen all clueless wondering what all those scientific words mean, don’t worry I was in your position too. Let me break it down for you:
- Pro-Xylane : It actually makes your skin firmer by ‘stimulating fiber synthesis’. In simpler terms, it means that the layers within your skin becomes more tightly woven together. When skin around the eye area is firmer, your eyes look bigger because the lids won’t droop!
Adenosine: This will help reduce wrinkles, especially crow feet!
- Caffeine: It helps with drainage and reduces puffiness!

This product is also suitable for sensitive skin as it is ultra light weight! 
So you know what is made of…This is how it works! Here’s a step-by-step on how to apply this product.

This is the applicator, firstly, squeeze the product out, using ring finger, gently pat eye cream onto eye contours!

Use the cooling applicator, move gently in circular motions from inner eye, all the way towards the temple! This helps to stimulate eye micro-circulation and promote the penetration of the active ingredients into your skin. I love using the applicator - was surprised by the cooling touch of it and it made my eyes feel really relaxed! (:

I've been diligently using this product for about a week! Ready to take a peek at my results?


After a week of using Revitalift!

I would never have thought that I'd be able to lay my hands on a product that can give my eyes such a good pampering session every night! We can't keep using make up to cover up our tired eyes. Its really important to take good care of your eyes!!

I can also see improvement in my wrinkling as I continue to using Revitalift every night, I received comments from my friends that I look more radiant now!

For those of you who care for your eyes as well, you can get your own L'Oreal Revitalift Laser x3 Eye Cream at any Watsons, Guardian, SASA, Departmental stores and Major Hypermarkets.
I'm sharing good products here and I hope my review can help you girls achieve brighter eyes, naturally! Feel free to drop me questions and I'll try my best to reply ok!

I never really believed in eye creams previously because it never really does any magic but I’m happy with this product so far! Of course, I know it cannot work magic in a week but I will continue to use this diligently every night from hereon and will see how it goes!!
Thanks L'oreal for giving me this opportunity to share this amazing product with my readers! (:
Read more on http://www.revitaliftlaser.com.sg/#the_products (:

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