Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution!

hello everyone! i've been busy with an upcoming nail competition thus the lack of updates, I'll be more free to blog once its over next weekend!

But first! I wanna share with you guys what i've been using recently~
I love my hair alot and i love to style it in different hairstyles, especially with curls and bob style! i didnt want my hair to look dead straight, apart from keeping my hair healthy from dry ends or damages due to constant usage of heat curler, theres another thing I worry about, which is.....................

Hair fall :(
I understand that many woman don't fancy the usage of hair conditioner because they are worried that it might get their scalp oily, thus leading to loss of hair.

Therefore, Sunsilk, together with scalp expert, Dr Francesca Fusco, came up with this!!

What I love most in this kit is the new Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution Hair Tonic!

After shampooing, section your hair into different partings, apply the product directly on your scalp and massage for 2-3 minutes. (Massage tips, use the pads of your fingers instead of your nails! it might scratch and hurt your scalp!)

 *massage massage* I love the smell of this product!

Not only it can strengthen your roots, over time it will reduce hair fall!
This product is $12.90 for 80ml, I think its pretty cheap for a long term goodness!

So say goodbye to loss of hair and say hello to having  complete freedom to style your hair with these stronger roots!

To enhance the effect, I will strongly recommend you peeps to use Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution shampoo and conditioner! Also, gentle brush your hair daily to stimulate circulation and remove the build-up of scalp flakes!

Have a happy hair day^^

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