An overdue post! Few months back in Nov2013, I've decided to take time off from work to join Pink Room Cup competition, I was ambitious and went ahead to join quite a few categories for the Open Group category. 
I probably won't be joining any competition for quite awhile, cos it took too much of my time and I neglected alot of my customers lol sorry~ 

heres some pics taken during the preparation and most of it was taken by my iphone so pardon the blurry pics, i even forgot to bring my camera on the day of the competition! :(

my sketch for a Mix Media tips submission. wanted to do a whimsical theme, im so into unicorns lately.

i went to join all 4 categories for a photo submission part where i have to submit 4 professionally taken photos to represent the 10th year establishment of my nail school.
the 4 photos has to be:
1. Flat art
2. Embossed nail art
3. Stone art
4. Mix Media art

i have to submit explanations why I did those nail art and im kinda proud how good am i doing those writings!

one of the many late nights doing crazily small nail art!

i was so happy after i got these mix media nails done for photo taking, i clearly remember i finish these at 530am!

i had the shoot done during the end of october, a few days before the dateline. i had my nail model, Jennifer to come over to my place few hours prior to the shoot to have the above set of nails done on her left hand. and another mode, Apple, to come to my place a day before the shoot to have her stone art nails done.
my poor models have to live with one side extensions for quite awhile before i remove them!

i can never thank this wonderful girl enough, Audrey, i can see she put in every inch of effort to get THE SHOT.

one of my pink prop :)

i was so SHAG.

added the last bit of dangling charm on my stone art nails!

i was quite proud of this set of nails. love the glitters and took me awhile to get the shape consistent~

 my dear Audrey working her magic.
and thats $24 worth of jellybeans on the table, we were munching those beans whilst shooting~

yes, we ate the cake.

the shoot was so much fun (:

 and theres my gelish model, Charmaine. she gladly time me and train me to finish my work on time as i was only give 60 mins to finish 5 french nails and 5 single colour gelish with nail art.

ONLY A NAILIST WILL KNOW, that acrylic french sculpture, is a major pain-in-the-ass to do! its not a simple "french only ma" kind of thing, for those thats curious, this is how french sculpture is made:

there is alot of things to take note doing a perfect french sculpture nails.

blur pic but is jus to showcase my messy work table

a side view of how the arch of each nail have to look like and be consistent, im not a pro and this was taken during one of the practices i had with Apple (:

one of the many chaotic moment with my Mix Media overall look category partner, Trina. 
we did not take any photos together while we were preparing this cos clearly, Trina woke up early and travel from Jurong to my place everyday for almost 3 weeks is = no joke, our face is too unglam. 

doing all these fishes is seriously no joke, we made them from scratch and used reference photos we googled, painting them and making sure we had enough decorations done to ensure nothing goes wrong on that day.  

almost done~

this is my submission for Mix Media nail art tips.
sadly i didnt win anything for this category, i spent loads of time doing this, but it isnt about winning, i had fun creating them! never could have imagine i can do an embossed unicorn!

 our notes for us to refer where to put which fishes and shells etc.
the whole idea of Mix Media overall look is to prepare these nail art prior to the competition, dress up my nail model according to the theme, and have 45mins on stage to prep the fake nail tips and paste every single thing on the nails!!
never in my life i was so fast in acrylic!

ok then it was the day itself, my tired face!

myself and trina.
i realize 90% of my friends have VERY SMALL FACE. 为什么!

my take for acrylic french sculpture category.
controlling acrylic really takes practice, took me quite awhile.
acrylic dries slow in a cold environment and hardens fast in a hot environment.

i was seated right below a huge aircon, my acrylic did not set nicely as how it was during practice (IKR, i panicked), so i had to change the way i work with these acrylic and while i was shapping the index finger, the white french part SNAPPED into half. it was a quick moment of "piak" and i know i was in deep shit.
i quickly finish up her thumb, and force the spoilt acrylic out from her index finger and manage to grab time to redo it.



judging panel.

my take for gelish category. i felt it was a good job done, i had near perfect application and was able to finish all 10 fingers on time (:
forgot to take a photo with Charmaine, shes my customer and she committed to all practice sessions and she stay really far from my place! Thanks for taking time to travel to my place!

Apple stayed with me throughout the competition (: poor girl was so hungry by noon and she had to wait till evening when everything was over to grab a decent meal together!

and finally my mix media model, Eexuan!
she came early to dress up for my mix media overall look category.
Trina had hair sponsors helping us do up the perfect hairdo!

the headgear was a necklace, it was my favourite accessory! and Trina took some seashells and made a earring to match the look! 

a lil blurry.
i purchased the whole outfit online!
the wings is humongous and heavy! im glad Eexuan really pulled through well with these look!

and we had that nails done in 45mins on stage!

 3 weeks of hard work!
all made from scratch with acrylic! even that coins in that treasure chest were made one by one.

end of the competition that day, with my trophies.
I've won:
1. Best award for Stone Art photo
2. Best Award for Embossed Art photo
3. First place for Gelish
4. Third place for Acrylic French Sculpture
5. Second place for Mix Media Overall
6. Grand Champion for Open Group Category

Apple helped me pack every barang barang i brought to the competition venue, and I told her "lets go eat crab"

That probably sums up my experience at the competition.
Shall end the post with a few thanks.

To Audrey for taking and editing wonderful photos for the submission.
To Jennifer for taking time off to help me with the photoshoot.
To Charmaine for being my gelish nail model and travelling so far to my place just to let me practice.
To Apple for taking a lot of time off to let me practice acrylic nails, letting me "torture" your nails so many times, and thank you for staying with me throughout.
To Trina for travelling to my place to get things done, giving me great advices, and help me up at my lowest. Thanks for being my partner.

Heres the four photos I submit for the competition:

Mix Media.

Embossed Nail Art

Flat Art

Stone Art

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