The Body Shop - Drops of Youth (Giveaway!)

As I grow another year older, I realize I'm always looking out for anti-ageing products. My friends always go "Junying! please start taking care of your skin!" or "I can see your forehead wrinkles saying HI" 
This was no joke. I started to panic and realized that my skin was getting dull and dry. In short, I look older than my age. 

But I do apply skincare every night before I sleep! 
My daily skincare regime includes washing, toning and moisturising! 
But just a few months ago, I got a shock during one of my make up applications. My skin was starting to flake while I was applying foundation. Additionally, I could see obvious forehead lines! #firstworldpain
Let me prove it to you! 

I had make-up on so the lines aren't super obvious but you can see faint lines right! 
(I don’t have super clear photos of my wrinkles! I mean no one wants an ugly selfie!)

If you take a closer look, its hideous~ and look, I even have a pimple on my chin T.T

So u see! My selfies are either blur~ 

or no forehead! 

NO FOREHEAD PICS. Even if have, I use "mei tu xiu xiu" ok =x

And I was introduced to the antidote to my woes! 
Nutriganics Drops of Youth by The Body Shop! (even the name sounds like the perfect spell for youthful skin!) 
Many of know should be familiar with The Body Shop, what I like about their products is that its made of organic ingredients and they are against animal testing!

Nutriganics Drops of Youth is the best selling youth enhancement concentrate. In just 5 days, your skin will look fresher, healthier and more radiant looking! 

It acts as a pre-serum to tackle signs of ageing! The ingredients include Criste-Marine plant stem cells and organic Babassu Oil from Brazil! So speaking of this, how and when do you use this? 

You can use Nutriganics Drops of Youth as your first step of your daily skincare regime before applying your usual moisturiser or serum! 

Massage 2-3 drops into your skin and let the concentrate sink in for a few seconds, this is to boost the effectiveness of your daily skincare regime! 

I will blog soon about my amazing results after 5 days!! 

Interested to try out this product yourself?
Stand a chance to join me and a few fellow Gushcloud bloggers at Amore Fitness (City Square Mall) on 17 January from 1pm-5pm for 30 mins of kickboxing and 30 mins of Stretchfit class and have tasty snacks and coffee at Yellow Cup Coffee right after! (Transport provided from Amore to Yellow Cup Coffee)
Simply just leave a comment at the end of this blog post/my Instagram account @junyingdiva with your email and Gushcloud management will contact 5 winners! 
*Each winner is allowed to bring a friend and each of you will receive a $80 goodie bag which includes a 30ml bottle of Drops of Youth + Join us at Amore & Yellow Cup Coffee! Contest ends 15 Jan.

Hope to see you girls soon! 

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