#bernjy V-day

My goodness, been awhile since my last update and the first thing I saw was that all my blog posts after feb 2014 was deleted T.T I had quite a hard time manually retrieving it one by one! I have no idea if anyone is trying to be funny and successfully intruded my account, I've jus changed the password and hopefully it doesn't happen again!

I wanna do a short update on my V-day celebration with my man :))  

We had a staycation at The Scarlet hotel! It's such a beautiful boutique hotel! 

We went to The Halia for dinner and he surprised me with flowers when I told him there's no need for flowers! 

I got a cute handmade popup card! I'm someone that appreciate handmade gifts a lot and this is the best (and the photo frame for my birthday) gifts I've ever received! 

It has indeed been such a lovely evening spent with him. He makes sure that I am the happiest woman, cracks the most silly jokes, fetches me to and fro from work whenever he can. words can't describe how elated I am to be part of your life. Thank u so much for your effort my love :)) *inserts many kisses* 

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