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I'm pretty sure many ladies like myself grew to adore luxury items as we start to appreciate leather products, in the beginning of the purchase, I'll treat my bags with extra care, not letting it get stained under the rain; I'll be very careful not to tug my bag to prevent creases from forming.

I'll be enclosing an exciting promotion at Dr Bags in conjunction with GSS, stay tune below! but first let me show you girls proof of how Dr Bags can rejuvenate your beloved bags! 

I admit that as time passes, I'll tend to eradicate these habits! I've always thought that I took great care of my bags, the shape still looks good so I began to stuff more items inside, I felt that the colour looks as good as new till my friends told me that "your bag is dirty", "it looks mouldy", "you sure this is the original colour?"

I have absolutely no clue on leather care, thankfully, I got to know a place where I can restore my bags to their authentic state (:

Dr Bags has several outlets, I went to their Katong V (30 East Coast Road) outlet located at #02-05~
Its a place where you can bring your bags for "checkup" and the specialist available is able to conduct a check on your bags and provide the necessary treatments!  

I had a good chat with Esther and Florence and I was astounded by their knowledge for leather goods, when they saw my bags they said, "oh these are not moulds, they're concealer marks!" oh my god what have I done to my bags~

Heres some photos of my 4 bags sent for cleaning. Basically all 4 of my bags has make up stain, small wear and tear and some scratches. The shape of my bags are still ok due to the amount of stuff i put in there, it is not exactly a good advice to stuff more things inside as the pressure from the heavy items may cause creases underneath the flaps. 

My Lady Dior has a faint denim transfer, watch it ladies when you wear denims out. Don't sling your bags if u do!

Close ups of all the concealer stains on my bags, I tend to rub my nose a lot thats why the bags are all stained with my make up, Florence told me it is VERY COMMON. Gosh i really thought there are moulds growing on my bags!

Florence is really such an expert in leather care, heres the treatment my bags are gonna get:

1. Cleaning of stains, wear and tear, scratches for all bags
  - I was told that for scratches, it may not come off entirely, but if the scratch is very deep, they are able to put "fillers" to smoothen the surface

2. High Performance coating for all bags
  - OK, I know why Dr Bags is so exceptional. HP coating is a transparent coating that shields your bags from MOISTURE, FUNGUS, DISCOLORATION, OXIDISATION for up to 8 months! If you're interested to read more about HP coating, CLICK HERE 

HP Coating can be done on shoes as well! It can also repel water to minimise stains occurred by water! 

 I went back to Dr Bags a week later to collect my bags! I swear all my bags look as good as new! I jus kept on complimenting how new the bags look, ALL make up stains gone and the leather looks very flawless!

All my bags had HP coating so I don't have to worry about stains! That doesn't mean I'm gonna abuse them don worry =p

Gotta snap a photo with Florence, I bombed her with many questions and she reassured me many times that she's gonna do a great job with my bags and she did! Thank you so much!!

 I'm gonna post some close ups of the bags!

 Stains gone and each bag is stuffed with paper to protect the shape of the bags! I love how they give me tips to prolong the lifespan of my bags!

It was the red ombre shade that made me fell in love with this bag when I saw it at the boutique, Dr Bags is able to restore dull colour bags to their original colour!

Colour is true in real life. My "mouldy" bag has a huge transformation. The colour of this bag was so dull but I didn't realise it at all. I use this bag really often and I can't wait to bring it out soon!

Notice the folds? its due to the weight pressure from the items I put in my bag, this part can't really be restored but it has definitely look way better before I brought it to Dr Bags!

The silverware is cleaned thoroughly, zero thumbprints on it! and no tarnish at all!

The most common problem on Lady Dior are the creases formed beside the zip as the bag feels "tight" whenever I try to retrieve things from the bag, the creases are visibly lessen after cleansing! The denim transfer is gone too!  (See below)

Dr Bags not only do cleaning and HP coating services, if you're looking for a new look for your bag / wallets, you can dye them (from light to darker colour) and give them a brand new look! Thats like having a brand new bag by paying a fraction of price! Don't worry as their Korean Colour Specialist has 12 years of experience, the colours will not damage your bags! 

Visit Dr Bags website www.drbags.com for other outlet locations near you!

Pricing as follows:

Cleaning - $20 onwards for wallets, $60 onwards for bags (cleaning for my bags is around $67 each, its really affordable!)

Colour TouchUps - $50 onwards

HP coating - Enquire from their store for accurate pricing (:

Colouring - $100 onwards for wallets and $350 onwards for bags

Last but not least!
Dr Bags is offering Clean and Protect service at the price of $199 (U.P $250) from 1 June - 31 July 2016! 
*t&c applies, find out more at http://drbags.com/promotions 

Thank you Dr Bags for such a wonderful experience! I'm definitely bringing my bags back for cleaning in future! I'm already thinking of the next colour for my Chanel boy =p

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